SUNPlace (2)

SUNPlace- a solar powered grill

You are an eco-conscious person and you love throwing barbeque parties at your place. A solar powered grill is an ...

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UMA sound lantern (3)

UMA sound lantern that doubles as a speaker

Pablo Designs, a company nestled in San Francisco in collaboration with a well renowned Italian designer Carmine Deganello has come ...

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Pack Master trashcan 3

Pack Master trashcan for people with dysfunctional hands

It is worth a round of applause and admiration if someone understands difficulties of the handicapped. This means designer Yijin ...

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Recessed Lighting 2

Using lighting the smart way to highlight the tray ceiling

A wide assortment of architectural features helps add comfort, style, interest and value to a home’s interior. Such architectural feature ...

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Storage hacks to get the most out of the laundry and other rooms

It is of paramount importance to have things in place and in order at home for a living that is ...

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MasterMixer (1)

Count on MasterMixer for a no sweat cocktail house party

Are you up for raising the bar of cocktail house parties? If yes, then you will have to depend upon ...

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Designer Elena Sidorova’s multifunctional armchair: FLOP

Today, multifunctional furniture has acquired a good standing in the market, perhaps due to the proliferation of urban dwelling where ...

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Driftwood key rack 2

Out of the box key racks to amp up your home décor

Key racks are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. If you are fed up of finding keys in every ...

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Home Improvement Ideas


FAVO makes quite a bang as a minimalist shelving solution for your home

Are you on a lookout for minimal aesthetics for your home? Well, here we have brought a very cool and ...

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basement décor (5)

Smart ideas for brightening up your basement décor

Don’t restrict the use of basement to just a DIY tool dump yard or laundry room. You can remodel your ...

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Innovative DIY glass wine rack 2

7 Creative ways to make wine glass racks a part of your home décor

A home is never complete without a bar and a couple of wine glasses to welcome guests. However, not many ...

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Creating a home entryway design inspired by school

Holidays are over, schools have begun, which means your entryway is going to receive a lot more traffic now. This ...

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Living Room

TV Tray tables  (6)

6 Ways you can put modern TV Tray tables to good use

A TV Table tray it’s not a tray in its entirety, it is not related to the TV in any ...

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chic  living spaces (3)

Play with patterns for creating chic and trendy living spaces

Your living space is like a blank canvas and you should decorate it as you please. Modern homeowners are warming ...

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color palette 3

How to choose a color palette for your entire home

You are finding choosing a cohesive palette for your entire home to be a daunting task. Finding a color scheme ...

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recessed lights in the ceiling 2

Simple tips to making your ceiling look loftier and elegant

A high ceiling will make your room appear to be bigger and spacious. The more space the room appears to ...

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Designer Elena Sidorova’s multifunctional armchair: FLOP

Today, multifunctional furniture has acquired a good standing in the market, perhaps due to the proliferation of urban dwelling where ...

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outdoor furniture (7)

Your guide to buying ideal outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture you buy to decorate your extended living space in the patio. The furniture makes the outdoor space comfortable ...

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METIS Desk 2

Innovation meets simplicity in the METIS Desk designed by Gonçalo Campos

Gonçalo Campos is a Portuguese product designer who loves exploring numerous design possibilities that can meld with the function of ...

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Krux 13 stool  1

Inspired by robotics, Krux 13 stool takes a minimalist route

Krux 13 by Case Studio is a modern stool, every way you think about it. There is something peculiar about ...

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lying on mattresses

The simple guide to cleaning your beds and mattresses

Bed is one of those comfort zones where you can eat, pamper your partner and play with your kids. It ...

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best linen for your home (4)

Here’s how you get the best linen for your home

Bed linens are one of the major investments that you need to make while decorating your home. For making your ...

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Chalkboard headboard

Ideas for unique and classy headboards

Headboards are in these days, as they give a classic look to the interior and enhance the overall beauty of ...

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headboard for your bed  (1)

Things to keep in mind when choosing a suitable headboard for your bed

The headboard is not an integral part of the bed yet it is essential for making your bed look really ...

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The Teka Espresso machine  1

The 5 compact espresso machines ideal for your kitchen

Coffee for some is a necessity and for some others it is almost an obsession. They just cannot do without ...

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Magnetic knife holders  1

Simple and safe knife storage ideas for keeping accidents at bay

Worrying about the safety of your family members and especially the kids is not paranoia. It is legitimate concern. Accidents ...

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Dark temptation backsplash

Get the gorgeous kitchen you always wanted with lovely backsplash ideas

A beautiful picture looks shabby inside an ugly frame. The backsplash of your kitchen creates a framework for it and ...

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U-shaped kitchens

Tips for a functional kitchen layout

Creating the floor plan of your kitchen space is not easy because you have to make the most of available ...

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double vanity unit (2)

Useful tips for styling your bathroom with a double vanity unit

Vanity units are essential in bathrooms and their design can enhance the functionality of the living space. If you are ...

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complement round bathtubs  (4)

Chic décor ideas that complement round bathtubs

When asked many homeowners confess to love the bathroom most among all the rooms in their home. The reason for ...

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Göz makes the bathroom safe  (4)

Göz makes the bathroom safe for you and your loved ones

Berk Ilhan is an award winning industrial designer who has designed Göz, a family of smart home monitoring devices. Göz ...

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Here’s how you make a home spa out of your bathroom

You get dog tired by evening and all that you crave for is a nice spa session, which usually you ...

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Dining Rooms

Beautify your dining room (6)

Beautify your dining room with these ideas

Dining room is a place where we spend quality time with our family and friends. In this busy lifestyle, dinner ...

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Wood and Granite Combined Top

Checkout these lovely granite top dining room tables

There’s something really alluring about a granite top dining table. Associated with elegance and sophistication, granite is the usually the ...

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dining table (4)

Getting the perfect dining table for your home – Here’s how

The main furniture of the dining room is definitely the dining table. With so many different types of dining tables ...

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Flowery decals 12

Using flowers to make your dining room livelier and enchanting

There is no doubt that arranging flowers in the dining room would make the entire space look livelier and more ...

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