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organize your laundry room

5 Effective Ways to organize your laundry room to add more space and value

Laundry rooms need not be necessarily dark, foreboding and cluttered. There are many ways in which you can organize the ...

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dream swimming pool (1)

Things to remember when you build your dream swimming pool

A swimming pool is indeed the most extravagant feature of any house and planning for an upcoming swimming pool in ...

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Painted Windows

Window treatment ideas that bring more style

A window is no doubt a great asset to any home. Windows let in as much natural light and air ...

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Square fire pit

Hot DIY fire pit ideas to make your backyard better

If you are looking to spruce up your backyard, you are on the right page. A super cool and a ...

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component of your interior design (2)

Texture: The important and oft-overlooked component of your interior design

You design a room with so much passion – addingan ideal color scheme, décor items and accessories. In spite of ...

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indoor plants (1)

Rules to live by when styling indoor plants

Addingpositive energy in the environment, purifying air, and beautifying our home décor is what indoor plants do for us. They ...

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deep sink

Elements and accessories that bring a timeless look to your kitchen

Trends come and go, and kitchen trends are no exception to this. However, if you want your kitchen to stand ...

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Envision Aluminum Floating Wall Shelf Design

7 Contemporary floating shelf wall display designs for your home

Large, floor to ceiling shelves are so passé. The contemporary homes of today feature sleeker alternatives in the form of ...

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Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic projects that are fascinating in appearance and useful in design

It is always a pleasure adding some unique and fascinating things to our homes. Things those are not just fascinating ...

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui inspired color tips that ease the flow of positive energy for your home

Colors enhance beauty and make a space cheerful, and there is a lot more to it. Different colors that you ...

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Nido Cabin

Cabins that were created with peace and tranquility in mind

Cabins are small charming shelters usually located in wilderness, which takes them so close to nature. City dwellers like us ...

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Steel pegboards for tool storage

Keep your garage well organized with these ideas

It is not just you, but many others also who end up having their garage in utter chaos after some ...

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