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professional interior designer

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

After buying a new home, the first thing that comes to your mind is to decorate it and to make ...

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Ways to Make an Asymmetrical Room Appear Symmetrical

Asymmetrical room spaces do look very appealing; however, it might be quite a challenge at times to do justice to ...

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painting home

Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Abode

Do you find your home boring and you crave for a new fresh look? Are you not in a position ...

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save money for kids

Most Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Importance of energy resources and the need to conserve energy are two of the most talked about topics these days. ...

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Living Room


Ways to Make an Asymmetrical Room Appear Symmetrical

Asymmetrical room spaces do look very appealing; however, it might be quite a challenge at times to do justice to ...

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Make Art Look Better in Your House

How to Make Art Look Better in Your House

You may have visited several art exhibitions and appreciated the way they displayed artwork on their museum or gallery walls. ...

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Special artwork

Essential things you should possess when you turn 30 

People wish to collect a variety of things by a certain age. Some people might want to own a car ...

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Simple Tips to Create Global Effects in Your Living Room

Simple Tips to Create Global Effects in Your Living Room

Have you ever wanted to give a global look to your house? Now, you can actually do that by introducing ...

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ottoman furniture

Ottomans are a great way to beautify and add elegance to your home decor

People used to know ottomans as footstools because this is the sole purpose people used to put them to. However, ...

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Dual Function Shelf Hanger_2

Multifunctional Furniture Items Designed for Small Homes

Choosing proper furniture is very essential, as it adds life to any type of house, be it big or small. ...

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coffee table

Zeroing in on a coffee table that best suits your home

A coffee table is as essential for a drawing room, as a flawless make-up is for a model. A model ...

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Trend Dining table designed by Compar_2

Eye catching and elegant dining table designs

Eating meals with your family is the time when all family members gather and enjoy the time together sharing views ...

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Master bedroom

Tips to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

The bedroom is the ultimate place of repose and relaxation and one should extra care in decorating it well. Generally, ...

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Simple yet Effective Approach to Transform your Bedroom into a Closet

Almost all of us have an extra room in the house that we hardly use and tend to stuff our ...

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Top Tips for Choosing Bedding

While you may not normally give it much thought, choosing your bedding can have a big impact on your day ...

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Bedroom Closet

Your Bedroom Closet Needs an Inspiring Facelift

Have you stuffed your bedroom closet with unnecessary clothes or accessories? Does it need to appear better in order to ...

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kitchen cabinet

Innovative Ways to Adorn the Top of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen is one of the most commonly used spaces in the home. It is the place where most of the ...

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Bamboo Kitchen Flooring_v

Advantages of Using Bamboo for Kitchen Flooring and its Installation

Bamboo, produced from a specific type of grass, has gained tremendous popularity as a durable and attractive flooring material. It ...

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The Qooq Tablet_2

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets to Enhance Your Culinary Experience

The development of technology can be best sensed inside our kitchen where we find a number of useful and innovative ...

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small kitchen storage

Incredible Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens to Keep them Organized

Kitchen is an essential room in any house. Not just because it is the place to cook food, but it ...

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Bathroom Window

Best Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas that don’t Compromise Privacy

A room that does not have proper sources of natural light looks dab and dark. If space is not the ...

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Make your Bathroom Waterproof and Comfortable

How to Decorate a Modern Bathroom

Bathrooms are spaces we use every day, so they’re far more important than we tend to give them credit for. ...

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LIFT accessory holder_3

LIFT accessory holder to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic

Bathroom is as important place as any other room of your home, as it not only helps you and your ...

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preety bathroom

Why the Littlest Room Deserves a Lot of Attention

When moving into a new home, kitchens and bathrooms tend to get complete makeovers. People happily spend considerable time and ...

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Dining Rooms

Dining Room Seat Covers_5

All You Need to Know When Purchasing Dining Room Seat Covers

Our dining spaces need revamping and renovation every now and then. However, the best way to change the look of ...

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Dining Room Storage Ideas_2

Smart and Trendy Storage Ideas for Your Dining Room

If you think your dining room always remains a mess and you need a solution to organize it, then it ...

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7 Sleek and chic dining room designs

With modern city homes having little space to regard as dining space, there is always the quest for trying out the best combination for making the space look good, and serve it’s main purpose of being a space enough for the required audience. Like an

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Floating and legless dining tables is the new designing fad

With innovation and strong pull from the demand of utility based furniture, legless or floating tables seem to be the next furniture fad in the market. Perhaps a greater comfort of seating, and also maintenance becoming easier drives to creation of this c

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