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Give the gift of automation to your home window blinds

When it is moderately sunny outside and you have to get up and adjust your window blinds to let in ...

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90K Smart Lock

Get more security with these biometric protection systems for your home

How secure is your home when you are outside? Who is guarding your paradise while you are away? These are ...

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Bohemian style ambiance (1)

Creating a perfect blend of a Bohemian style ambiance at your home

To create a masterpiece out of your house, the interior decoration should complement your imagination. For a shabby –chic flavor ...

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Gadgets and surveillance systems that can make your home more secure

Your home is where your valuables lie most exposed. Bringing the apex of technology to make your life much more ...

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Create a paradise for your children, right in your backyard

Summer can only be enjoyed when outside. And who is to stop your little kids from running out in the ...

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Amazing accessories that give the mundane windows a modern upgrade

Your home is brought to life when each corner of the space interacts and every part is well-functioning. A correctly ...

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Blandito, Oradaria Design (2)

Enjoy flexibility in sitting with modern designs in multipurpose chairs and pads

Innovative designs are taking the world by storm. Taking everything in their way and transforming it into something distinct, your ...

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purchasing a smart home (2)

The unfortunate downsides of purchasing a smart home

Home automation makes life convenient as one can control heating, lighting etc remotely with the help of a smartphone. But ...

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Soft light by Simon Frambach

Weird items that can make quite an impression on your home décor

Have you ever thought of decorating your living room in a way which will look odd and strange? May be ...

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The Q

Get flashy with smart lighting solutions for your ultra-modern home

Much of a room’s elegance is expressed by the use of the correct lighting at the appropriate angles. But our ...

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Step into the bold new world of Wi-Fi compatible smart thermostats

When inventors took the basic thermostat and reinvented its functionalities, we got smart thermostats. Monitoring your home’s temperature has just ...

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home’s fengshui (2)

Clever tips to help you get in control of your home’s fengshui

Our environment influences us in more ways than we can understand. If you feel like you wake up tired even ...

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