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Chalk Door

10 out-of-the-box doors for your home entrance

A door is a structure that can be moved and it is used to close off an entrance. A door consists of a panel that moves back and forth on the hinges, it can also slide or rotate inside the space provided for it. When a door is opened it allows ventilation and illuminates the space. A door regulates the physical surroundings within a provided space by surrounding the air drafts in order to make the interior to be heated or cooled down more effectively. Doors play an important role in preventing against spreading of fire. They also provide a barrier against noise. Below given is a list of the most popular doors that are used for the entrance of your home:

1. Chalk Door

Chalk Door

This type of door gets its idea from the Simpson doors. These are magnetic chalk doors and you can write on them, stick magnets on them, and let your little kids have fun writing on them. These types of doors are suitable for the people who have little living space and who don’t want to waste even an inch of it.

2. In and Out Door

In & Out Door

In and out doors tell us whether to push or pull a door by directing the users to pull a handle or push a hollow protrusion in the same way as putting a puzzle together. Push and pull stickers are famous because of these in and out doors. These doors have very intuitive handle. On the “pull” side there is a handle and on the “push” side there is a flat panel. This tells you exactly what to do on which side.

3. Minjoo Children’s Door

Minjjoo Children's Door

This type of door is designed by German Jjoo and its manufacturers are Holistic. It comprises of a small door within a regular door including its own handle and lock. This will be a respite for the people having lesser heights especially children from 1.5 years and above who can go in and out of their rooms on their own.

4. ETAF Automatic Door

ETAF Automatic Door

Irrespective of what your size is, this door can adjust accordingly. This door comes with an opening of standard size and consists of 35 rows, each 2 ½ inch tall of vertical metal bars. When a user goes near the doorway, infrared sensors at the top and sides of the door senses a person’s width and height, thereby sliding the metal bars to provide enough space to let the person in.

5. Weather Shield Dutch door

Weather Shield Dutch Door

This is a very cool door. It has got two panels that can be operated upon making this type of door style famous. Also the lower half of the door has a built-in shelf. These doors have been around for quite some time, but you don’t get to see them much anymore.

6. Light + Air Door

Light + Air Door

This door is very simple but with a mysterious character providing a very functional characteristic. There is a series of holes in the door and it can be opened and closed by simply sliding the knob that adjusts the amount of light, noise and air between the two rooms. The door is built of a hollow core with an interior panel, which slides from left to right.

7. Hidden Door

Hidden Door

When it comes to a hidden door in your crib, you can choose from three options. You can make it on your own, you can buy one, or you can go for a precision hiding system. They can include rotating book cases as well as sliding wall panels.

8. Revolution Eco-friendly Door

Revolution Eco-friendly Door

This door comes with a turbine that is powered by the people whenever they go through the door. It consists of redesigned central core that can convert the movement of the door into electricity very effectively.

9. Shattering Door

Shattering Door

This type of door was designed by an artist from Argentina with the name Leandro Erlich. The shattering door was put on display in the gallery at Luciana Brito in Brazil.

10. Ping Pong Door

Ping Pong Door

This is a very cool door that is designed by Tobias Franzel. This door can transform into a ping pong table, ready for the game to be played. After finishing the game, flip it up again and make it in to an operational door.

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