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10 cool space-saving beds for small trendy apartments

Space saving bed

Space saving bed

A good sleep is essential for a good and healthy lifestyle. Beds play an important part in giving us a good sleep. Sometimes bigger the bed, better the sleep. Unfortunately in today’s houses, having bigger beds is just a dream as we are limited in space constraints.

However, some designers have come up with innovative bed furniture which not only gives us a peaceful sleep, but also solves the problem of space. Here’s ten such beds with innovative designs.

1. Clei’s amazing space-saving bed:

Cleis space-saving bed

Clei has come up with multiple bedroom furniture to resolve space constraint in the past. However this new innovation of theirs, space savers, stands apart. This collection of hide-away beds—each cleverly integrated with modular closets, shelves, desks, or sofas—is innovation personified.

The beds can be comfortably used by an adult weighing 330 lbs. They feature a steel frame and a beech wood slatted support system and come with a choice of spring, latex, or memory foam mattress. You can be saved from annoying disassembling of shelves or removing knick-knacks, or re-arranging furniture, and all at zero loss of space. Clei even has a model that allows you to bring the bed out atop a full-length desk—without requiring removal of any loose items. Starting at two or three thousand for some twin models, it is quite reasonable for starting with your bedroom renovation.

2. Elegant book sofa bed for small space:

Book sofa bed

This piece of glorious art, by Flou, is a sofa that can be turned as a big, cozy double bed. It is a good idea to save space and is easily foldable. It serves two-in-one purpose of having the comfort of sofa during the day and bed during the night.

3. Trundle bed:

Trundle Bed

Do you crave to buy an extra bed but are resisting due to lack of space in your house? Trundle bed can resolve your problem. This bed, made out of maple apple plywood, provides extra bed space without taking any extra the floor space, that would be needed for an otherwise normal extra bed. It also includes a headboard for storing things.

4. Collapsible bed:

Collapsible bed

Wouldn’t it be a miraculous sight to see an entire bed collapsing and transforming itself into a nice, stylish sofa? A sofa plus bed has been made exactly this way. There is also a ladder built in to reach the top bed and the mattresses are kept with custom tie downs. The most amazing thing is that conversion from sofa to bed and vice-versa can be done in splits of seconds.

5. Twin and bunk bed:

Twin  and bunk bed

Parents nowadays find it very difficult to give individual beds to their children. Having your own bed has become a thing of luxury. But not anymore, thanks to the twin bed bunks. These beds not only save space but also look attractive and give beauty to your home decor. It can be more attractive with learning shelf and beautiful wall hanging.

6. Murphy’s space saving bed:

Space-saving bed by Murphy

Murphy’s beds not only solve the problem of space with their space saving bed ideas but they have come up with beds which can be used by different people for different reasons. People are converting rooms once used by their children into computer rooms, home office, room for hobbies etc. They are able to better utilize the same room all year long instead of having a not so efficient bedroom. So when family and friends arrive for a visit at their homes they can have a comfortable and attractive place to sleep in.

7. Practical space saving sofa bed:

Space saving bed

These practical space saving sofa beds gives us multi functional performance. You can use it as a real sofa and as sofa bed furniture. You can always place this furniture in your living room and can use it when you have those extra guests and friends. The head side of the sofa completes remaining decorations for your home.

8. Minimalist design bed with space saving:

Minimalist  bed

Presenting you a study bed which is combination of full size bed with a very large table. It is very convertible and the amazing thing about this furniture is that you need not remove anything from the table. Everything remains intact on the table and does not fall. Now you can make your study room and bedroom into one and thus save space.

9. Space saving bed furniture:

Space Saving Bed Furniture

This bed gives a big relief to people who stay in small rooms and find it difficult to store their things. This bed has a storing place below it – a cupboard under a bed.

10. Space saving bed by DearKids:

Space saving bed by DearKids

Here is another Italian company that presents great furniture for your kids’ bedroom founded in 1951-DearKids. Along with great space saving ideas they believe in making furniture which are liked by your kids.

So, choose your bed wisely and see that you save space as much as possible!

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