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10 Creative bowls to hold fruits in elegance


Tableware lends a helping hand while decorating your house to the hilt. Keeping in mind the ultimate design and beauty of the fruit bowls, your house aesthetics would breathe a new design every time you see your dining table.

Here’s a list of ten most admirable fruit bowl designs which can be used to decorate your dwellings. While innovation couples up with elegance, the end result is a list of beautiful breath taking fruit bowl designs which would be eye appealing and mind boggling.

Triangle Fruit Bowl:

Triangle BowlIf you’re a fan of shooting stick and balls (billiards), then you just about know what the design resembles. Built in a triangular shape, with a metallic glint to its aid, the fruit bowl is one elegant masterpiece. Give your table the sheen of the Triangle fruit bowl and see how your fruits would never go out of place.

Cocoon Fruit Bowl:

Cocoon bowl

Protecting your fruits, just like a warm wrapping is the Cocoon fruit bowl design by Philippi. Made out of mirror polished stainless steel, the cocoon look will enhance your fruit’s elegance to another level. Beauty wrapped in layers is what makes the heart go zoom.

Fruit Slide:

Fruit Slide

Designed by Michael Andersson and Maria Axelqvist from Sweden, the fruit slide is an innovative fruit slider design. Incorporating the sliding design into their creation, the fruit slides out once you take out a fruit from the front. The next fruit which was loaded earlier slides to the front. Simple design to lend a simple design to your fruit dispenser.

Fruit Stack:

Fruit Stack

Priced at $28, the fruit stack is a wondrous creation. Simply for the fact it stacks up all the fruits you have on hand, while giving them a chance to ripen and breathe easily. No more need to pile up your fruits and see them rot in front of your eyes. While the Fruit Stack takes up minimal place, it’s best for space utilization. The creation has dimensions of 4” Lx4”x4x16”H.

Zack 30701 Stiletto fruit bowl:


Coupling a contemporary design with utility is the Zack 30701 Stiletto fruit bowl. With beauty spelling out each and every nook and crevice of its worth, the product has been designed to cater to the high quality demands of customers. Made out of stainless steel, the measurements are around 3.35” x 11.62”.

The Ring:


Designed by Joung Myung Lee from Germany, the Ring incorporates a circular design into its being. What makes it different from other kind of fruit bowls is its utility. Instead of putting it on any table, you have to simply hang it on the wall. Just take out the fruit from inside the ring and consume as you would normally out of a fruit bowl. With an alluring design, the Ring would take your breath away in a matter of few seconds.

Beautiful Rollercoaster Fruit Tray:


Designed by Janne Kyttanen, the splendidly designed fruit bowl is a masterpiece of its own accord. With a capacity to hold up to 9 oranges, you can experience the intertwining of plates within each other as they create a magical design worth review. Enjoy as the freshness of the design and fruit gets to you. The rollercoaster design lives up to its name in completeness.

Bubblicious Fruit Bowl:


Designed by D-Vision- Via, the bubblicious fruit bowl comprises of a number of spheres all fused into each other. The benefit of the design is to help store as many different varieties of fruits right inside the container. By fusing so many spheres into one another, the designers have been able to create a new equilibrium right inside the container. All in all, a very innovative and trendy design.

Bend Fruit Bowl:

Bend Bowl

As the name aptly suggests, the bend bowl is yet another innovative and trendy creation by Israeli designer Eliezer Chissick. Adding a bend to his design, he made sure that with appropriate weight, the straightness of his product would be remodeled into a curvaceous fruit bowl. With a unique concept up his sleeve, he has designed a bowl worth drooling over.

Hug Bowl:

hug bowl

Let your fruits be hugged delicately by the Hug Bowl. Designed by Desu designer, the bowl is like a halo, gently encompassing your fruits in a serenading, subtle circle. Let your fruits enjoy the gentle touch, while they are kept in shape by the hug bowl. The masterpiece has been designed with a white solid surface with gradients akin to an arena.

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