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Trendy sliding door designs for modern homes

Whoever said that your living room is where your guests make their first impression of you, lied. If you are been judged by your first impression, then it’s probably from your doorstep. Other than painting an inviting picture, a door need not just be a boring old gateway. With these ten options, you can use your doors to add or even compliment, if the need be, the rest of your house.

1. Modern Interior Frosted Glass Sliding Doors Elegant Creative Design Ideas by Casali

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There’s something about a frosted glass door that makes it a perfect fit for a minimalist design. Casali’s sliding door designs
make great internal doors. Their designs range from fun, colorful prints to elegant floral designs. If the options weren’t enough, Casali also lets the customers customize their designs. If your idea of an ideal home involves striking pieces, you mustn’t give this a miss.

2. Glass Sliding Doors Collection for Stylish and Modern Home Design

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Another great advantage of glass doors is that they let light pass through them and hence, give the rooms an airy and well ventilated
look. Foa Porte Tekno collection gives the functionality of glass an edge through its modern designs. The wonderful collection can be availed in both sliding doors and partitions. While the collection includes marvelous glass work, the pieces to look out for are the designs with glazed stainless steel elements.

3. Vela the Armored Sliding Door

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The first ever armored sliding door, Synua Vela is a great find for retailers and homeowners. These majestic glass doors with their chic appearance are a great way to save space. The sliding doors can be made of a variety of materials that include stones and ecru. It can also be lined to match your walls so it synchronizes with the rest of the home. The handles camouflage themselves into the surface. With the variety of options, you can either make your Synua Vela doors stand out proudly or merge with the rest of your design and thus create secluded areas that will not be jarringly visible from your living room. They can be controlled and operated manually, with the help of a push button or through a radio control.

4. Contemporary Sliding Door from Bartels

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Bartels believe that sliding doors can make for a great style statement. Its ‘skeleton’ component – an exposed stainless steel rail
system adds to its otherwise sleek look, giving it a modern and very striking appearance. A touch of luxury is added to the collection by its richly grained wood make. These doors are definitely for those who want to make a statement as each piece is bound to stand out as a representation of their owners’ sophisticated taste.

5. Luxury Sliding Doors – Dark Oak Frame and Pure White Glass

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Luxury Sliding doors may appear to be luxurious but their greatest advantage is certainly comfortable. Not only does the dark oak frame
ensure a cozy appearance great for bedrooms and bathrooms, the drawers with Blumotion full extension and the soft runners guarantee easy sliding of the doors. They also come with a fully lined internal carcass.

6. Manual Sliding Glass Door Design Idea for Modern Home and Office

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Strictly for the interiors, these designs are a great find for offices and homes. These sliding doors are a great option for those who
want a view of their indoor swimming pools or gardens from inside their rooms. It is a great option for those who would like to wake up to a beautiful view.

7. See-Through Walls: 4 Clever Modern Sliding Door Designs

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This particular design by Raydor is here to make you consider replacing your walls with doors. Inspired by traditional Japanese
interior aesthetics
, these are simple, sleek and unlike swing doors that saves space. These sliding doors are semi-transparent and consist of pieces of art. When these doors are moved on to one another, the otherwise 2D designs form layered 3D patterns. Each door combination provides a new 3D pattern. These fascinating designs are as much of an elegant option as a conversation starter.

8. Glass Sliding Door from Albed – Interior Sliding Doors

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Insightful of interior spaces, the glass sliding door collection from Albed has created designs that bring the elegance of glass to
the partitioning of a room. These glass doors are aimed at providing a continuity of design to the house. These glass doors are a great way to avoid the restricting and rather stuffy appearance.

9. Curved Sliding Door – Luxury Glass Doors from Wieland

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Wieland’s curved sliding doors provide a stately appearance and are a great way to create the illusion of height and space
within a room all, thanks to its curved design. They are highly user friendly as they keep extra emphasis on safety thanks to
its multi-locking system. If you have a great view or a garden, Wieland is a great option as it lets you take in your fabulous view without being pried upon from the outside.

10. Sliding Doors by Komandor

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With striking, edgy designs, these are bold pieces that add a pop of color to every room they are used. These come in extra bold designs and are a very chic mix of glass and wood. They are modern, elegant and at the same time does emphasize on safety, thanks to its strong built.

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