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Wireless Home Automation

10 smart devices to ensure wireless home automation

Wireless Home Automation

Home automation is defined as use of computers to control fundamental functions and has features which make it able to operate automatically or sometimes with the help of remote. An automated house is often known as a smart house. Here is a list of some cool and smart home devices.

1. The Schlage LiNK remotely-controllable door lock

The Schlage LiNK

This Schlage LiNK locks and deadbolts helps you in keeping continuous surveillance up the help of web enabled computer or phone and a remote control. The locks give entry without keys through an access codes that is comprised of four digits and can be activated, entered, disabled or deleted on the lock’s push button that has eleven digits keypad or by means of the Schlage LiNK web portal.

2. Lifemedia server

Lifemedia server

This device is always ready to combine with EI’s lifeware home automation software and home networks, Lifemedia units feature Intel processors that stores upto 4.5 terabytes of data and has high-end optical audio. Mainly they look exceptionally sexy in an AV rack system.

3.The ROSIE Coffee Table

ROSIE Coffee Table

The ROSIE Coffee Table Touch panel Controller offers the most modern home automation that has functions coupled with multimedia abilities. ROSIE coffee table is intended to offer customers in the house various diverse furniture style series from modern to conventional. The stress of ROSIE is on consistency and a maintenance friendly open policy.

4. Metz mecaHome+ home automation

Metz mecaHome+ home automation

Generally it depends on the setting; the customer can obtain reports by screen display of various happenings in his home. Via the radio system Xcomfort from Moeller, gears such as, temperature display, motion detectors, doorbells, light switches, lighting and smoke detectors can be simply checked or guarded by merely pressing a button on the standard Metz remote control.

5.The SilverPAC SilverSTAT 7

SilverPAC SilverSTAT 7

SilverPAC has launched a innovative touch screen programmable thermostat, which that controls not only your air conditioning and heating, however be in touch with elegant home meters, switches and outlets that helps you in managing your whole domestic energy use.

6. Latest Hometroller Home Conroller

Hometroller Home Conroller

HomeSeer just rolled out HomeTroller, a fresh Home Automation Controller. It has features voice control, support and web functionality for Leviton, Lutron, Z-Wave, Insteon and UPB products. With the price of around $1,100 for the fundamental unit, the most recent Home Automation Controller asserts to place itself at the top end of the DIY Home Automation market and mainly t the lesser end of the custom installer sector.

7. Z-Wave to Zigbee smart power meters

Smart Grid Controller

Bulogics Grid Controller overpass a power meter into it by means of a novel designed chip by which you can track your power consumption without problems and do something known as end-to-end load shedding that helps you to save power.

8. Cortexa touch screen

Cortexa touch screen

It comes in fourteen inch tablet or 8.4 touch screen tablet. It is ideal for individuals who want to present their home as unique and cutting edge. It has a price tag ranging from seventeen hundred dollars to twenty five hundred dollars.

9. EnOcean


Enocean is known for its cheap light switches and thermostats that use energy from thermal differentials and solar cells and possess peel and stick backs for convenient installation process.

10. APX Alarm

APX Alarm

APX alarm has diversified into its line up of home automation by making an entry into marketplace with video surveillance, automatic door locks, small appliance controls and lighting will be now sold under the new “Vivint” identity.

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