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Solar-powered gadgets

10 solar-powered gadgets for eco smart homes

Solar-powered gadgets

Solar energy is here to slowly take over the world and replace the conventional energy producers. Solar energy has a lot of advantages. Firstly, there’s no scarcity of solar energy and it is also highly cost efficient. Add to that, solar energy helps to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions. For all these reasons, solar energy is much in demand and so are solar powered goods. If you too are environment conscious and care for the planet, then solar powered goods are the right choice for you. Here is a list of 10 solar-powered gadgets that you can include in your home and make it an eco smart one.

1. Solar lampion

Solar lampion

A creation of Damian O’Sullivan, this solar lampion helps to light up your home using solar energy. If you want, you can use this lampion outdoors too to light up your garden or backyard. This lampion is created by putting 36 standard sized solar cells together in an open spaced structure. Each solar cell is linked to a LED bulb. There’s one rechargeable battery placed in the lamp. Solar energy is trapped in the solar cells during day time and the same energy is released night long in the form of light.

2. Panasonic solar powered countertop

Panasonic solar powered countertop

Panasonic has come up with a unique concept of a solar powered table. This table is yet to be introduced in the market and expectedly would be available for purchase and use by end of 2011 or 2012. This counter-top table uses solar power in a very different and unique manner. First it traps solar energy in itself and then uses the same to generate power that can be used to charge portable gadgets. QI Wireless Power Transmission Technology that’s used in this countertop table helps to charge devices without the help of any wires, that is wireless. All you need to do is keep your gadget such as your mobile phone, laptop or any other portable device on the table and the gadget will be charged by itself.

3. Solar powered CD/MP3 player

Solar powered CD/MP3 player

If you are a music lover and love to spend hours listening to music then here’s something just for you. You can now listen to your favorite music without bothering about paying hefty electric bills or even contributing to global warming by using this solar powered CD/MP3 player. These music players come with lithium batteries that need to be charged for 4-5 hours under the sun and you are ready for a 10 hour long music listening session. This CD/MP3 player comes in a very different, attractive and cute design which increases the appeal of this music player.

4. Solaris blind

Solaris blind

These solar-powered blinds serve dual purpose. During day time they work as blinds whereas during evening (when its dark) it creates light to lighten up the place. Designed by Frankois Montay of France, these blinds store energy from sun which is then converted into light by the diodes that are at the end of the blades and dispersed in the room by the acrylate diffusers. These blinds go perfectly well with modern designed homes helping to increase the style quotient of your home decor while you contribute in making the world green once again.

5. Solar powered clock

Solar powered clock

A product from the Australian studio Vandasye, here’s a clock that runs on solar power. This clock has been displayed at the Vienna Design Week, 2009 which is an event that celebrates innovative and creative designs created by designers from across the world. So now its ‘time’ to go green and save the world. Add this solar powered clock in your eco home and contribute towards decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Solar flowerpot charger

Solar flowerpot charger

Japanese designer Mac Funamizu along with the reputed company Mitsubishi has invented this solar flowerpot charger that helps to charge mobiles, other gadgets and electrical devices but in an eco-friendly way. The invention includes a plant-like solar cell unit that is created with organic thin-film solar cells. The flowerpot has a hollow in it where small gadgets like a mobile phone can be easily rested. Solar energy is trapped in this while preventing water and oxygen to enter. This trapped solar energy is then used to power electrical devices and gadgets. Besides being a useful item, this solar flowerpot charger comes in an attractive look. Thus, now you can charge your gadgets without those charging cables dangling and destroying your home decor. This solar flowerpot charger is a smart design that helps to add a dash of elegance in your home decor.

7. Solar fridge

Solar fridge

Emily Cummins of Europe has invented a fridge that gets its energy from the sun. This fridge is made of simple and easily available materials like cardboard and recycled metal. The process of using this solar powered fridge is simple too. You just need to keep the goods that you want to store in the interior metal chamber of the fridge and lock it. Organic material like sand or soil is then poured in the gap between the inner and outer chamber and then the gap is filled with water. When the sun makes the organic material hot, the water starts evaporating thus cooling the inner chamber of the refrigerator. There are more than 50 variations of such solar powered refrigerators that Emily Cummins has invented.

8. RainPerfect water pump

RainPerfect  water pump

Reputed manufacturer of industrial valves, pumps and membranes, ITT Flow Control of Massachusetts has produced Rainperfect water pump. These pumps draw their energy from the sun and are used in standard rain barrels. They can pump 100 gallon from rainwater barrels with one single charging. These pumps work with most of the reputed hoses brand and therefore can be used with low pressure sprinklers, drip irrigation hoses and of course for pumping water from barrels.

9. Smart Sun Solar Cooker

Smart Sun Solar Cooker

These solar powered cookers are suitable for 1-2 person’s use. The top cover of this cooker is highly efficient in drawing solar energy and can even get power from solar energy on a cloudy day. You can use solar power to cook food through induction heating in which case you have to use special pots. Pots of three different sizes are available that cook food in them through steam.

10. Solar House Number Display & Mailbox

Solar House Number Display & Mailbox

This is a water resistant, solar powered house number display and mailbox that glows at night making it easier for people to find your place. The house number display captures solar energy throughout the day and the LED back-lighting is automatically put on once its dark. The solar energy supports lighting up this house number display for 10 hours. Along with that, the mailbox comes with a lock so that no one can steal your mail.

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