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10 Stunning bedside lamps for you

After a hard day at work, we usually like to cuddle up in our beds at night with a book and the light from the lamp exudes coziness which makes bed time very special. Lamps are an absolute must in a bedroom as they not only illuminate your room but also lend it sophistication and style. There are a variety of lamps to choose from which range from functional to decorative to high-tech, each with a distinguishing characteristic that can reflect a part of your individuality. Read through for ten amazing designs of fancy lamps that might catch your attention!

Rock Candy lamps by Swank Lighting

These amazing and stylish glass cluster lamps in ocean blue hue are from the latest Rock Candy lighting collection at Swank Lighting. The best feature about these lamps is that they are eco-friendly as they are made from tumbled recycled glass. The lamps are very compact in size and would look perfect as bedside lamps. These lamps are 20 inches in height and come in various other glittery colors such as cobalt, fire truck, emerald, pink, and so on.

Wind up bedside lamp by Yuko Taguchi

The cute wind up bedside lamp is very cute in design apart from being a multipurpose lamp. This lamp features a switch and a timer which is operated via key that controls the time the lamp will remain lit. This means that the lamp will be turned off only when the key winds back. The key has a carbon tensile steel spring that powers a tiny electric generator that in turn powers the lamp for the period the lamp is on.

Adair bedside lamp

The Adair bedside lamp is inspired by the vintage streetlights. It is made from solid iron and has a very antique finishing in different shades like distressed antique white, satin nickel and bronze. You can adjust the angle and the light of the lamp with the help of a turn key. The lamp comes with a white linen shade that looks just perfect on this classic bedside lamp.

The Guardian of Light table lamp by Pallucco

This classic lamp design by Pallucco, called the Guardian of Light table lamp has a unique diffuser design. It also has an individual external polycarbonate diffuser cover that can control the extent of the light diffusion. A magnetic switch holds the controls for closing and opening the outer cover of the guardian light. The base of the lamp is also finished in the same color as the diffuser, which is matt grey, white or black.

The Hangman Table Lamp

The Hangman Table lamp is more than just a regular boring lamp; it not only shines by the bedside but has that cool geeky look for the avid geek! No one can miss this black blindfolded hangman that is hanging on the noose! This creepy table lamp is the creation of Colgao and is a hand made piece by en Pieza! studio. It is crafted out of treated iron and electric wire making it corrosion free.

Aeonic LED Lamp

The long neck, heavy base, and collection of 20 energy efficient, cool running, white LEDs make the Aeonic a perfect lamp. As a bedside lamp, the 36 inch neck adjusts to any angle to illuminate a book and doesn’t disturb anyone trying to get some sleep. For reading or crafts, the light quality is better than fluorescent plus and doesn’t flicker. It makes reading much easier than any lamp we’ve ever tried.

The lighting of the Aeonic lamp is just perfect for reading and has an expected life of 50,000 hours!

Tiffany Floral Art Table Lamp

The Tiffany Floral Art Table lamp is the perfect bedside lamp if you are keen on bringing in more vibrancy and class to your bedroom decor. This lamp is embellished with over 200 cuts of vibrantly colored glass with an amazing floral design. The amazing adorned lampshade sits atop a very intricately crafted brass base.

Pulsar Table Lamp

Bring home a futuristic looking bedside Pulsar table lamp that will bring more style to your room. This chic table lamp is crafted out of chrome and has a unique appearance that looks like an enlarged snowflake that has multiple ends affixed with and LED lamp. The head of this lamp is very adjustable which is another good feature about this lamp.

FLOS Kelvin LED Warm Glow Table Lamp

The Flos Kelvin table lamp is the LED version of the popular adjustable Kelvin lamp. The Flos lamp is designed by Antonio Citterio, and like its original it has the same features such as adjustable light atop a double arm, an adjustable head and a fixed pantograph. The body of the lamp is made from cast aluminum alloy and the head is covered with a polycarbonate protection screen. This lamp is very functional and is available in three colors: Anthracite, shiny white and shiny black. The on/off switch is located on the light head, which makes it very convenient. This lamp can also be attached to a surface with the help of a clamp. The functionality and the warm LED glow of the lamp makes it a highly recommended product.

Fiat Lux lamp

The Fiat Lux lamp designed by Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Hogdahl is a different kind of lamp altogether. This lamp has a simplistic box-like look and also has a slot which is integrated for holding your books and magazines. This feature makes it ideal for your bedside and even for your coffee table. The name of the lamp “Fiat Lux” is engraved on the shade of the lamp which essentially means “let there be light”.

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