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Swimming pool

10 Stylishly designed swimming pools

Swimming pool

Swimming pools are the best forms of past time during the harsh summer months and having a pool in your garden is a thing of luxury. Depending upon your personal style quotient, size of your backyard and the amount of money you are willing to invest in a pool, you can get yourself one designed to give a luxurious look to your home. Here are ten such amazing pool designs that will cool you during the summers, besides making your backyard look super cool too:

1. Amazing lifted pool designed in retro style

Retro Style Pool

This retro-style pool designed by Padraic Cassidy is a design that is leveled around 30 inches from the ground level and looks amazing with its yellow tiles along the rim. The pool measuring 75 square feet is simple yet its green tiles by Mission Tile West and an inbuilt hot tub measuring 65 square feet gives it a luxurious touch. The pool further has a ‘green’ touch as it is naturally heated by using the sun’s heat to warm up the water in the black PVC pipes on the roof.

2. Mobideep Design’s floating swimming pool

The floating swimming pool

The floating swimming pool by Mobideep Design, Thailand is a very innovative idea and can accommodate on any watery surface like a river or a lake. This dream-like floating pool is complete with a terrace that can be used for relaxing and even for a family gathering, where you can enjoy the amazing watery view after a dip in the pool. This floating pool is perfect for people who lack backyard spaces for one. This is a great idea for a mobile pool which can be set up in a river against a perfect green and lush backdrop.

3. Modern design for an outdoor swimming pool

Modern Style Outdoor Swimming Pool

This modern design for a swimming pool is a perfect accessory for a modern luxury house as it lends a stylish element to the entire property. This contemporary pool has a very geometric shape along with a lot of gazebos, some of which are very exquisite-looking, and wooden decks dotted on the terrace. The entire look of this pool is very stylish and chic and a perfect luxurious place for the summers.

4. Swimming Pool Designs by GlassDecor

Swimming Pool Designs by GlassDecor

This classic-looking pool looks like an artwork when the water is still as the pool is tiled with glass mosaic tiles that create a rich and interesting pattern. The tiles are from Glassdecor that is a leader in the manufacturing of glass mosaic tiles. The range of these tiles that are available is awesome as you can get the bottom of your pool to be decorated with fairies, turtle and other imaginary designs.

5. Guitar-shaped Swimming Pool

Guitar-shaped Swimming Pool

This guitar-shaped pool is perfect for a house that loves music. This acoustic guitar-shaped pool is a very practical and convenient shape with the bottom of the pool lending even more character to the guitar by having tiles that look like the guitar strings and musical

6. Modern Pool Landscape Design by Bernardes and Jacobsen

Modern Pool Landscape Design

This contemporary pool design is a great way to combine nature with a modern pool by merging the two using a glass divider that looks out to the most awesome green landscape ever. The surface of the terrace floor is made out of wood that gives the pool a very natural touch and it also gives the impression of being a dock that is actually floating on water. This pool provides a very invigorating experience where luxury meets nature.

7. Golden nugget pool with a shark tank

Golden nugget shark tank pool

The exotic pool with a shark tank at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas casino have invested 20 million dollars to give its guests a pool experience of a lifetime. They have actually merged a huge shark tank with live sharks (200 thousand gallon capacity) that is impressively lit alongside a crystal-clear pool with a three-storey waterslide and cabanas to give an amazing oceanworld-like experience.

8. Como Shambhala at Begawan Giri

Como Shambhala at Begawan Giri

Begawan Giri Hotel’s very own infinity swimming pool provides its guests the luxury of swimming in fresh water that overlooks the salty sea in Bali, Indonesia. With tropical forests in the backdrop, this pool is a surreal experience that provides oneness with nature along with a wooden deck that overlooks the aquamarine waters of the Bali beach. This amazing pool is a pleasure for the senses and a great way to tan in the summers.

9. Glassdecor’s amazing mosaic glass tile designs

Swimming Pool Designs by GlassDecor

Glassdecor from Spain is a leading manufacturer of glass mosaic tile designs and provides a wide array of amazing designs to choose from. The bottom of your pool can be designed with fairies or a huge turtle or even cartoon characters to suit your kids’ needs. Apart from the innovative designs, Glassdecor tiles also have an optical effect which makes the pool to look deeper and bigger than its actual dimensions.

10. Del Rio Texas’ Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass Pool

Del Rio’s ‘Pool Now’ makes swimming pools with inground fiberglass and are said to be the most durable and finest of all the inground fiber pools apart from being easy on the pocket. These pools come in a host of styles and colors and hence Del Rio is the only manufacturer to provide such an extensive range.

These classic pool designs will surely add a contemporary and aesthetic touch to your backyard.

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