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Rotating bookcase designs

10 stylishly rotating bookshelves

Rotating bookcase designs

Storage solutions for books and magazines can be a major challenge for the modern homemaker. An avid reader typically builds up a collection that he would like an easy access to, at all time. Conventional bookcases come with their own demand for space and usually have staid looks. Given the premium that space commands in the contemporary home and the desire to build up an ambiance that reflects the design quotient of the owner, book storage solutions that blend efficiency and style have been receiving a fair share of attention. Rotating bookshelves have been making their presence felt in this area. Here are some stylish rotating bookshelves that you may want to consider for your home. Read on.

1. Jane Lioe’s Pirouette

Piroutte is a set of three-hinged shelving units mounted on to a fourth “core” about which they can rotate as per the setting desired by the user. The wood and metal finish give it strength and elegance. Though strictly not a rotating bookshelf, the Pirouette offers space efficiency and easy access to books through its simple broad-shelved design.

2. Minolochi’s MERYL

This bronze shelved, wood and lacquer finish revolving unit from Minolochi is more of a design statement than an utilitarian book storage solution. With LED lighting within the shelves and the option of building it up into a bookcase with a built-in TV unit, this has a table top that can be used for display purposes or as a high side table.

3. Gerardo Mari’s Librespiral

This modernist bookshelf from this industrial designer comes in coated sheet metal in white, black, and orange colors. It uses a simple central rotating hub to which you can add partitions and shelves in a modular fashion to build up your shelves as per your needs. This design is simple, eye-catching and practical.

4. Antonio Citterio’s Arne

This award winning designer whose work is showcased in the Museum of Modern Art and the Georges Pompidou Center, has designed this cube bookcase as part of his Arne line of furniture for B&B Italia. With smooth curved edges to complement the rest of the Arne living room range, this has wide shelves that open out on two sides with windows on the other two sides, providing the much needed ventilation that books require.

5. Sherry An’s Rotate It

Rotate It is a bookshelf idea that serves as a partition wall unit as well as a storage unit. With a swivel mounted rack made of removable shelving modules that plugs into a slotted board to offer your full freedom to design your own set of shelves, this unit comes with box storage below the shelf to put things away in. This is more of a design novelty since it offers pretty limited book storage space in spite of giving you two sides of the swivel mounted “wall.”

6. Gino Carollo’s Bonaldo Orbit

This is a tall and circular bookcase that is perfect for modern home. With tall shelves, round swivel base, this elegant design has been made from matt painted wood. Its circular design makes it ideal for placing it close to corners, thus yielding maximum utility with minimum footprint.

7. Kay & Stemmer’s Oscar

Building further on the simple lines and minimalistic approach to furniture that Kay & Stemmer have built up a reputation for, the Oscar is a simple design based on the traditional revolving bookshelf. There is no style statement other than practicality and simplicity in this bookshelf. This dignified oak and black veneer design utilizes all the space with no frills and gives you an additional table top that can be used as a side table.

8. Earthly Pursuits Revolving Bookcase Table

This, too, is a variation of the traditional revolving bookshelf but with customizable shelves, and a top that is actually meant to be used a table.

9. Antique Victorian Mahogany Bookshelf

This traditional Victorian rotating bookshelf has been made of mahogany with natural veneer finish. This antique design comes with tall shelves and is mounted on a revolving unit with four legs and ceramic castors.

10. Rare Form Revolving Book Stand

An unusual 1870 take on the traditional Victorian revolving bookshelf concept, this design comes with two three-sided shelves that have spindled railing half way up the height of the shelves. Rotating on a stand with three legs, this is very different from anything you might have seen.

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