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Trendy Vacuum Cleaners

10 trendy vacuum cleaners to clean your house in style

Trendy Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners play a major role in home maintenance. They help us to clean our carpets, sofa sets and all those household materials that are affected by dust and dirt. Vacuum cleaners can suck up the salt or even any harder materials in kitchen and keep our homes clean. Vacuum cleaners come in various models and have many advanced features. There are specially designed cleaners, which are made for the pet owners. Pets tend to shed their body hair and make homes dirty. Vacuum cleaners suck up all the dirt and clean the targeted area. There are various other types of cleaners that are designed according to your needs.

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners should be bought depending on its usage. Most of the vacuum cleaners are manufactured depending on the variety of surfaces,which need to be cleaned by machines. Vacuum cleaners are made for the following purposes

  • General cleaning or allergen specific
  • Commercial or household purpose
  • Non-carpeted floor or carpeted floors
  • Hard or the top areas to reach places

Today’s market if immensely filled with various innovative vacuum cleaners, which have various features. Choosing the right one can be little confusing. The size of your home plays an important role in deciding, which vacuum cleaner is the best one for your home. For a very large home, a full-size canister vacuum cleaner is the best. It is advisable to choose the vacuum cleaner which has a substantial power if you have a carpeted floor. The storage options also decide the type of vacuum cleaner would be suited for you. The upright vacuum cleaners can be stored easily in a compact closet. The canister cleaners occupy more of space due to their large body. Canister vacuum cleaners can be moved easily on the carpets and floors. The life expectancy of vacuum cleaners is varied. Here is the list of 10 trendy vacuum cleaners:

1. USB Desk Vacuum

USB Desk Vacuum

The German manufacturer had invented this powerful vacuum cleaner named as S5281. The price of this vacuum cleaner is 849USD. This cleaner is the part of the S5 models and have user friendly features. This cleaner is a noiseless one and can be handled easily. They are friendly in the remote corners too. S5281 this vacuum cleaner consist of features like parquet floor brushes, dusting and immense speed of cleaning. It can easily go under the chair legs, furniture items and clean all types of cushions. The special feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it can easily twist and rotate to 90 degree that can kill all the parasites and can also clean the pet’s hair or any minute dirt or dust.

2. Snow White

Snow White

Snow White Vacuum Cleaner can be used on almost all kinds of floors and carpets. The price for buying this cleaner is 219.99USD. The special features of this cleaner is that it has been wedged with special motorized brush roll. These motorized brush rolls has seven levels. You can easily clean the stair without dragging the cleaner upwards or downwards as the hose can easily extend five times than its original size.

3. Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner has special ingenious streaks. This power packed impressive vacuum cleaner will get back to its docking station for self charging once it cleans an area or if it is low on energy. All you need is to give the command by pressing the button and it will start its cleaning job like a robot. So, you need to just sit back and check the process of cleaning without any manual effort of bending, pulling or leaning the vacuum cleaner. It has cliff sensors and bumpers that help to protect it against any sort of crashes.

4. Raptor vacuum cleaner

Raptor vacuum cleaner

Raptor vacuum cleaner comes with immense power and has a special feature of 12 amp motor. It masters in cleaning and sucking all the dust and dirt efficiently and keeps all your household material clean and hygienic. It works excellent on the hardwood floors. It has the wide cleaning path and costs nearly about 67.70USD. It has the 15 inch wide path nozzle which helps to clean the larger areas in less time.

5. Rideable vacuum cleaner 2263

Rideable vacuum cleaner 2263

Rideable vacuum cleaner 2263 is the best option to stay away from the immense dirt and dust or from the dog or cat’s hair. It costs 20.35USD. This cleaner is easy-to-use and can easily swap from a hand vacuum cleaner to the floor vacuum in less time. It has got a handle, which has a comfortable grip and which is ergonomically designed. This is the light weight vacuum cleaner which can clean all the draperies, upholsteries, floors, carpets and stairs. The long handle can easily go under the low areas and clean it thoroughly. It can easily pick up the pet hair, dry spills, kitty litter, and any food particles with less effort.

6. DC37 vacuum cleaner

DC37 vacuum cleaner

DC37 vacuum cleaner consists of a special feature known as the patented Dyson Ball technology. The vacuum cleaner is placed on a ball, which helps the product to turn and twist around a various furniture items. It has special centrifugal force which separates the dirt and dust from the air. This is easily possible due to the root cyclone technology that is used in this product. The vacuum cleaner features an 11amp motor and has a special motorized brush bar which can be used to clean carpets. While you are using the cleaner for the delicate materials, it is essential to switch off the motorized brush bar as it can damage them. This is the light weight and user friendly product. It costs nearly about 398USD.

7. VC-CX200D vacuum cleaner

VC-CX200D vacuum cleaner

VC-CX200D vacuum cleaner will help to clean the home from pet hair and other minute dust and dirt particles. This robust cleaning unit has been fitted with micro fresh air filtration system, which helps to capture 99 percent dust allergens and all the minute dust particles present in your home. This cleaner can be easily handled and has a 12 amp motor. The price for buying this vacuum cleaner is 84.54USD. It easily cleans all types of floorings and helps to keep your home dust and dirt free.

8. G182 Robotic vacuum cleaner

G182 Robotic vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is specially made to clean carpets for larger homes. It can be easily navigated and hence helps to clean all the corners of your home. You can adjust the height of the cleaner according to your household items. These upright vacuum cleaners are not expensive ones as compared to the other vacuum cleaners. They have a dust bag, which can be easily cleaned whenever required. They can work easily on the soft surfaces, but they do not efficiently on the hard surfaces.

9. Ultra Silencer Delux vacuum cleaner

UltraSilencer Delux vacuum cleaner

Ultra Silencer Delux vacuum cleaner work best for the small area cleaning. They can mostly used for cleaning the hardwood floors and the upholstery. These vacuums do help in cleaning the floors and other upholstery efficiently. This cleaner does not make noise and has various advanced features.

10. Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner can be used for cleaning the crevices in kitchens, rooms and for cleaning the interiors of your car. They have got relatively weaker motor which has less durability.

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