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Best wine bottle chandeliers

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The most intricate and innovative way in which man has learnt to decorate his home is a chandelier. Light reflecting off this crystal structure mounted upon a ceiling merges mysticism and aura within a room. From french to Italian cut glass designs, chandeliers have come a long way in becoming a creative eye’s inspiration. One of the most exquisite form of designing a chandelier now is from wine or beer bottles.

There was always a reason why households resisted in disposing off booze bottles after use. Be it their special shape or colored glass, this resistance has found a direction in being used for making chandeliers by patrons who crave for innovative ways to reuse the waste.

Here is a list of top wine/beer bottle Chandelier designs which will make you drool and urge you to get one for your home:

1. This creative piece from Barlite is a Beer Bottle Chandelier, known for its diverse design and color combinations.The majorly used green, orange and white bottles makes amazing discotheque themed lighting for your home. Syncing the perfect lights with perfect music can soar your spirits any time.

2. Jerry Kott, a finalist at the Bright ideas and Lighting Design Competition made this simple chandelier out of three wine bottles.The layered design of the bottles made incandescent lighting gives a “toned down but high on simplicity” look. Further into the future, the bottles would also be used for making table lamps.

3. The Pottery Barn Wine Bottle Chandelier is distinct in every sense of design. Weighing 30 pounds and measuring 18″ in diameter, 33″ high, with a 6 foot chain for hanging, this chandelier above you would mean diffused color illumination.

4. One of Droog’s Memory laden products is the Droog’s wine bottle chandelier. It is extravagantly crafted by applying nature, the human experience and a fondness for the past. It contains both-artistic meaning and elegant beauty of frosted glass.

5. Leitmotiv Wine Bottle Chandelier is one which makes use of wine bottles along with wine flutes. It gives a stunning yet unusual focal point for any room.The light bulbs sit in the middle of the chandelier and let light spread evenly around the room.

6. Meyda Tiffany’s 655456 light wine bottle chandelier is an item which is a unique, handcrafted work of art. Natural variation in the glass and finish makes it a masterpiece in its own. Includes canopy, 3 feet of chain and 4 feet of wire.

7. Lamp wine bottle chandelier chrome made from transparent and label less bottles reflects light in the purest way in a room. Light but with three loop chains give it a look worth it. This one can attract any ambling person from around to inside the room.

8. Vino Wine Glass Chandelier Pendant Lamp by leitmotiv is smaller in size but does justice to its name.Like a pendant it is captivating and cute.

9. The Pellegrino Bottle Chandelier looks just perfect hanging from a tree in your garden. Half cut, these bottle tops look great during evenings. Hanging at different heights alongside a length, these lights would make you fall in love.

10. Six-Light Green Wine Bottle Chandelier is a one bottle and six lighted simple chandelier which gives a room its homely look .Available at Meyda’s. Its a hand crafted piece of art. Authentic green glass bottles lend artistic impact and simplicity to these chandeliers. Colors like red and orange give pattern and range to the lighting.

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