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Wireless home security system

10 wireless home security systems for clutter free protection

Wireless home security system

If you are one of those that have to leave the house for long hours, it is important that you think again. These days, when not even keeping a maid is as safe as before, you might want a gadget that keeps you informed and spies for unwanted human movement when you aren’t around. Out of the numerous that can be easily availed in the market, our eyes stay transfixed at these wireless home security systems.

1. Vue personal video network

Vue Personal Video network

This stylish three-piece wireless gizmo comprises of a video portal device and a pair of wireless cameras running on batteries. Easy to install, the cameras assume a 300 feet radius of responsibility. The kit comes for a wholesome 299$ while additional cameras can be bought as per requirement.

2. Rovio wireless security systems

Rovio Wireless Security Systems

The Wi-Fi enabled robot can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Its’ built in webcams streams live videos and picks up sounds. Its wheel facilitates movement and a built in GPS enables you to set a detailed route to patrol, in addition to a flash light for the dark. Rovio also brags of an automatic search for the plug when it’s’ battery is low.

3. Domestic alarm system

Domestic Alarm System

A product by Y-Manufacturing, in collaboration with HJC design for the UK market, this advanced device boasts of a good quality sounder, giving you altogether a good technology with an attractive silhouette. The ‘Domestic Alarm System’ is an anti-tamper system, defending the unit from unsolicited attacks. Also, the snap fit assembly reasons for the improved machine at very reasonable prices.

4. Digital Door Lock H-1500

Digital Door Lock H-1500

Painless to install, the Digital Door Lock H-1500 has a one-touch door open and close system, resettable to a particular time making it an automatic double locking. Its power back-up facility helps it to function in case of electricity shortages. To avail the lock linked to your home, you are provided with a remote control. This system requires the user to use the touch key, a card and enter a password.

5. AlertMe Home Security System

AlertMe Home Security System

Using the wireless, the system tracks every aspect of power, submitting it to the website, thus making it accessible from everywhere. Monitoring and controlling through the remote control can be made SMS, broadband and voice calls. The system notifies automatically if the motion sensor is triggered in doors or windows.

6. M30P Magic Mirror

M30P Magic Mirror

A secret 30-inch LCD display, what facially resides in the mirror is a comical CGI character in the name of Basil. Otherwise a mirror, when motion is detected, it magically appears, delivering witty one-liners (100 installed), suiting the occasion. It not only speaks, it shows the surveillance camera where motion has been detected.

7. Burglar Blaster

Burglar blaster

Monitoring up to 2,000 square feet, this reflexive infrared security system spies for motions, and finding any, sprays 4oz. of eye- blistering pepper spray. It practically runs on a single set of C batteries for years. The aluminum case makes it resistive to damage.

8. Alarm controller by Dag Designlab

Alarm controller by Dag Designlab

Sleek and handy, this security system is hallowed with an alarm controller, giving light and sound alerts to the user. It has a red light glowing in the front indicating that your house is protected and that you are free to leave.

9. The Remock Lockey

The Remock Lockey

Remock Lockey is aptly placed “inside” the door you want to protect, thus camouflaging it for the intruder. The tiny remote control functions as a key to the lock giving you an availability to open one lock with as much as 16 keys. It is fantastic as it prevents locking when the battery is low to avoid one from locking oneself inside.

10. Automated Door Locks

Automated door locks

Black & Decker introduces automatic door locks, featuring locking and unlocking, automated arming and disarming, and your door status notification via the remote control. The “SmartKey” feature lets you lock the door quickly for extra security. You can also use the web to check the door status and lock it from wherever you are.

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