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12 hi-tech beds for geeky homes



In the fast-faced world of ours, the things intimately associated with our lives are shattering stereotyped definitions associated with them. It’s really hard to reckon with a bed’s emergence as a high-tech multimedia object unless traditional understanding of ours gives way to new set of thought patterns. The bed now plays many others roles other than ensuring our conversation with sleep. The high-tech multi media beds not only ensure sleep but also entertain us.

The beds equipped with TVs, music systems and mood lighting make them attain a larger than life image just like movie stars. The owners of such beds save time and energy. Now you can remain connected with friends, browse your internet, watch movies, or listen to the music without leaving the company of bed. It’s not harsh to suggest that it would be difficult for sleep to visit such a high-profile bed! However, it’s hard to prevent the bed from emerging as a high-tech object when the world around has changed a lot. The makeover of a bed, therefore, doesn’t surprise that much. After all, a bed needs to give total bliss to souls trapped in miseries of life. A bed’s bonhomie with luxurious items is aimed at attaining the same end. The high-tech beds are good for people who want more entertainment than sleep.

The twelve best high-tech beds:

1. Sphere hi-tech bed


The Sphere hi-tech bed is made for souls who like to flirt with life, full of king-size ambitions mired in romantic fervour. Its silky red color ignites passions. A 32″ LCD TV built right into its frame helps you to enjoy movie with your soul-mate in a relaxed mode. The surround sound speakers integrated into the frame itself tempt you to fall in love with good music. It’s a proven fact that music helps to reshape our mood. You will fall in the arms of sleep with better mood. If that’s not enough, a massage unit right under the mattress will let you attain the desired relaxation. The bed with its impressive set of features is must for romance oriented creatures.

2. Somnus neu bed


The features of Somnus neu bed makes it fit for James Bond type souls, who love to remain in touch with outside world even as they are experimenting with sleep on the bed side-by-side a romantic partner. The fascinating technology plus a perfect design makes this bed a must for all the people interested in having access to stylish items. The two retractable 17-inch touch screen monitors control the affairs associated with this bed. One can also have access to internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The bed boasts of audio-visual system with HD video projector and 5-point audio system in tune with drivers underneath the mattress. The drivers makes it possible for you to stream media online or enjoy cable TV. This high-tech bed also enjoys proximity with LED lights above and around it. If that’s not enough, the bed radio-frequency identification cards makes it a total hi-tech bed!

3. TV Gustarle bed


This high-tech bed is in league with a Samsung LCD flat screen TV and a Sony High Definition DVD player. It’s a perfect choice for people who wish to remain lost in world of sounds and crystal clear images, just before getting lost in the world of sleep. The bed’s head and foot are made up of quality wood. A nice selection of fabrics adds a new dimension in its charm. It comes in various sizes. Estimated price: $13,577.

4. Sphinx TV Bed


The Sphinx provides its owner a real bliss. The LCD TV that rises from the foot of the bed is enough to give rise to ripples of happiness inside the heart. The bed’s head with the help of genuine leather bolsters makes room for magazine storage. A complete storage box is also present to store several other articles. The mood lighting that one notices in the bedside tables, glass shelves and a leather-trimmed breakfast tray makes the bed perfect combination of luxury, comfort and style. The highest quality materials have been used to lend this bed a quality touch.

5. Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bed


The latest bed offered by Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite is an eye-catcher. It makes use of technology in a big way to ensure that our bond with sleeps deepens further. This brand has carved a niche for itself in the world devoted to sleep systems by presenting beautiful beds in league with hi-tech features quite regularly.

The bed has a retractable 32-inch Sony Bravia HDTV fitted into the bed’s foot-board. This TV placed 80 inches away from the headboard takes care of ratio related with screen size to viewer distance. The brightness gets adjusted as per the state of light in the room, making it eye-friendly. The bed is also equipped with a Sony Bravia theater system that has a 5-Disc DVD/CD changer, a five speaker surround sound system and a sub-woofer beneath the bed. It also makes room for an iPod docking station.

The bed gets adjusted to a comfortable reclining position as per the need. It also makes use of integrated massage system involving powerful motors in unison with micro-computer. A 13-inch retractable back-sliding system and Hollandia’s telescopic head support are additional attractions.

6. Ultimate TV bed


The bed’s name gives enough hint that it makes use of TV in never seen before way. The TV in this case gets combined with bed in a bizarre style. The user Ultimate TV bed can make the TV rise out of the foot of the bed with the help of a wireless remote. It sounds hilarious but technology is making impossible a possibility quite often. The TV is of miniature type, being just 22″. It also boasts of electronic leveling system. However, it’s price is too high. That’s going to keep byers away from this bed. In other words, the buyer will find it hard to trace sleep on this bed! Estimated price: $25,900.

7. Multimedia Bed


The Multimedia bed is a boon for people having a deep interest in multimedia world. The bed named RUF-Cinema does full justice to people’s desire of having access to multimedia inside their bedrooms. The RUF-Cinema has dared to turn a vision into a commonplace affair. The vision that wished to make onslaught of multimedia features inside the bedroom. This bed hailed as first multimedia bed of the future makes us have unlimited entertainment inside the bedroom. Its looks are quite appealing and glitzy.

It’s futuristic punched metal cover and spectacular cable channel provides it an edge over other stylish beds. A home cinema rack sandwiched between the two headboard bolsters leaves enough space for a DVD player and other accessories. The lit frosted glass top with infrared touch sensor makes it stand apart from other beds.

8. HiCan high-tech bed


The HiCan high-tech bed allows entertainment to rule the roost in your bedroom. It’s been designed to honor the instincts of high-tech souls! It would be no less than a sin to refer this piece of item as just a bed. It enables the owners to be in tune with their favorite electronics even as they are all geared up for having a dialogue with sleep.

It’s equipped with a TV, computer and a built-in gaming system. That’s enough to keep you above boredom in a bedroom. The theater screen uses state-of-the-art lights and shades system to give rise to the perfect ambiance.

9. Cosmovoide bed


The Cosmovide bed has a wonderful look. The bed is designed to evoke temptation and desire inside your mind. The bed tries to make you come in contact with a deep healing sleep. It’s a proven fact that people who enjoy sound sleep, remain above many psychological disorders like lack of concentration. The bed brings into application, the principle involved in making of a hammock when self-suspension makes the individual springs suspend from the structure.

The side view symmetry matches close to the symmetry one notices in a hen’s egg. The bed offers features like a television integrated at the foot of the bed, high-definition home cinema set up and telephone, to name a few. Estimated price: € 39000

10.Quantum sleeper bed


The Qauntum sleeper bed has got some very interesting features. It’s been designed for the billionaires who live an insecure life as far as the security is concerned. In wake of an unwanted happening, the bed gets converted into a fire-resistant coffin-like box. A high-level security system has been installed in the bed to keep the user at a safe distance from negative forces of nature and attacks that involve use of chemical weapons. The bed has perfect ventilation arrangements to prevent suffocation inside the coffin-like box.

The bed also keeps you fully reloaded with entertainment. A built-in CD player, DVD Screen with PC hookup, microwave and refrigerator along with cellular phones and radios, ensure that the bed is not at all on par with a real coffin box. After all, a real coffin box doesn’t allow communication with outside world! Interestingly, outsiders have no clue about the happenings inside the coffin-like box bed. Estimated price: $135,000

11. Double bed with built-in TV


It’s hard to keep a TV out of the bedroom. However, a TV often struggles to find a perfect place for itself inside a bedroom. It’s often in conflict with normal bedroom style decor. Reflex Angelo has introduced a bed frame with a built in TV, which does not clash with the decorating style present in the bedroom. The TV is placed in the foot-board, which makes its present felt when required. The bed manages to create a good impression inside the bedroom besides taking care of the privacy.

12. Sonic bed


The Sonic bed is not at all made for lovers of cave-like silence inside the bedroom. The people who prefer silence should better remain at a safe distance from such a bed. It’s a huge bed with 12-channel surround sound. Its appearance is deceptive. It looks like a cool fellow but deep inside its got enough speakers to make you go crazy. It was introduced as a museum exhibit by its maker Kaffe Matthews. It’s also equipped with a flat-panel TV, which makes it an owner’s delight.

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