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Fly on the wall speaker

15 Cool speaker designs for music passionate

Fly on the wall speaker

What’s more important – something which works well or something which looks good? Sometimes a bit of both wouldn’t do any harm, and heck, if it stops working in the future, the good looks will go a long way. So when it comes to speakers, people get tired of sound blaring out of boring looking boxes. If you can choose for better sound then why not dress up where it’s coming from. These 15 whacked out and quirky speaker designs will surely grab you even before you hear a single sound from them:

1. Fly on the Wall: As the name has it, hook these up on your wall and hear them buzz. It is surely an inventive and delicious looking piece of design by Mark Murray. These speakers cling on to the walls using mechanism similar to that of a lizard. Suction cup rubber is wrapped around the back of the speakers.

2. Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System: This spaceship like speaker can blast you off into orbit anytime. Awesome lights and a sleek, transparent look make this a must have addition to any pad.

3. X-Mini II Capsule Speakeron: Don’t get fooled by the size of these little devils, getting all of them together might bring down hell, or your neighbor. These speakers have 11 hours of battery life.

4. Fred 500xL Universal Portable Speaker: These look like the cousin of the i-pod earbuds and run on batteries, USB and the regular plug-in. So there’s no way to turn them down. Their built in amp just gives them that thick, unbeatable sound.

JBL creature III5. JBL Creature III Self-Powered Multimedia Satellite and Subwoofer System: There’s got to be some connection between speakers and spaceships. JBL’S new creature III multimedia, too, seems to have descended on earth from outer space, after a heavy intergalactic conquest. You can hook these to almost anything: iPODs, laptops, Mp3 players. These invaders will conquer you with sound, and you might often forget that they’re speakers, while looking at them.

6. Pyle PL63BL 6.5-Inch 360-Watt 3-Way Speakers: These 6.5-inch Pyle triaxials are affordable, with blue poly injection cone and butyl rubber surround packed in their woofers, an ASV voice coil, a neodymium film dome and 3/4-inch tweeter. These are just the specs; the volume tweaks well beyond all of this.

7. Altec Lansing BXR1220 2.0 Speaker System: Clean, space-saving, and sleek; these are perfect for desktops and laptops alike and also connects easily through the USB port. These speakers are also geared with an Audio Alignment technology for balance a7.

Atrium All Weather speakers

8. Polk Audio Atrium 45 All-Weather Speakers: Slightly larger than the ones listed above, it takes having a meaty sound anywhere you want to a new level. These All-weather speakers are even good enough for the Military Waterproofing Requirements: Salt Fog, Mil 810 Immersion and for corrosion. The enclosure is sealed with 4.5″ woofer & 3/4″ dome tweeter.

9. Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers: This one-piece speaker is a perfect addition to your notebook. The integrated USB hub lets you connect your speakers or other devices to your notebook with a single plug. Its adjustable body doesn’t take up space and lets the rest of your stuff breathe.

10. SPK-VELO-W (Wireless Speakers with Remote): Surely with all the nerdy display of gizmos, you can’t just leave out speakers which do away with the ugly dangle of wires. Completely portable and fit for just about anywhere with the help of the angelic transmitter which uses 900 MHz to channel music through walls and floors to the dual wireless speakers 150 feet away. These cool sound machines can also afford to get a little wet.

11. B-Flex Compact Stereo: Your laptop sound is obviously not going to give you the sound you want. This compact stereo is a perfect addition to sorting out your private movie time. Used with a USB flex cable, you can plug and play these ones on laptops and desktops with no batteries or wires. Great to travel with, this cool piece has dual 1 watt digital amps and 2 full paper cone drivers. Heck! It even works on computers without a sound card.

12. Audio Unlimited Shower Speaker: Bathroom singers beware! You may never leave your bathroom if you decide to get one of these. Take a warm shower with your new Audio Unlimited’s ShowerPod 900Mhz wireless shower speaker system. It is water-friendly and completely receptive to signal within 150 feet of its main support.

13. Hasbro I-CY: Like penguins dancing? Like penguins dancing to your music? Well, Hasbro’s I-CY lets you do exactly that and tops it with the “performing” penguin showering electronic lights.

14. JBL Control Now Bookshelf/Wall Mount Speaker: The name JBL is synonymous with unparalleled sound. So it gets unfair when they go overboard and also start making uber-cool speakers. These mountable speakers show great flexibility in their placing, and although they come single, multiple units can be purchased and mounted vertically, horizontally, diagonally, on the ceiling, on the wall.

15. Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player: Small and light, Rolly has a clear and crisp sound. This is a no frills180-degree horizontal opposed stereo speakers for you to listen from any corner.

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