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15 eco-concepts for green home remodeling

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Undoubtedly,there are oodles of green products available in the market these days. But going green without compromising on style and elegance is something which we all desire. And how I thank my stars that those days are gone when eco-friendly products meant low on the style quotient. Here’s a list of some really trendy and incredible home electronics that will let you contribute in saving the environment without sacrificing the style factor. Check some techie and chic eco-friendly home electronics and select your next buy!

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ALight Kitchen: Sustainable Kitchen Concept for Future Life

energy saving adapter 2 48 c4VAg 1822

Energy Saving Adapter

proton2 ClEII 1822

Eco-friendly AC by Michael Laut

electro lab7 cSh5Z 1822

Pebble: solar food cooker by Laura Pandelle.

washing machine lounge concept2 bxNAv 1822

Ecofriendly washing machine by Harsha Vardhan

greener gadgets 01 sm hqLMJ 1822

EcoDrop Shower

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Sound Garden: life enhancing music from plants

solar sunflower XmhBZ 1822

Sunflower Solar Power Station

electric meter YNghs 1822

Power Conscience

pulse consumption feedback switch 59 s1Jfd 1822

A switch that knows your electricity consumption

re cycle 005 qa65e 1822 rYRdd 1822

Re-Cycle allows you to reuse water for laundry

best clock radio had to be a green device 03 bnnwr

• Eco-friendly Minute Glass-a clock radio

electro lab rKCdR 1822

Energy saving Fridge

greener gadgets 02 cWOpX 1822


raindrops 69seZ 1822

Raindrops rainwater harvesting concept

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