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15 fancy shower heads to get trendy with…

vado amazing shower head 3 thumb

vado amazing shower head 3 thumb

Innovating bathrooms has always been a trend and a variety of wares can be listed down if one wants to indulge into some new styling mantra. Here are a few trendy fittings one can opt when planning to style up their bathrooms:

1. Kids Shower Head

kids shower head raindance froggy toy

This fitting is made especially for kids to have an ambiance of fun by a popular brand called Hansgrohe. The fitting is attached with a “raindance froggy face” toy that squeaks back when squeezed. Its vibrant colors and attractive appearance can keep the mood of the young ones bright. The toy can later on be removed to get a decent and elegant shower head for normal use.

2. Visentin’s LED shower

shower head

Setting a high bar for style and function, these incredible showers and shower heads by Visentin are the best in looks and luxury. We doubt one will never come out from bath if experienced Visentin’s collection.

3. Blade-thin Shower Heads

gessi trimillimetri showerhead

This sleek and slim shower head from Gessi is just three millimeter thick. But don’t go on the size, it’s fully loaded with modern fashion and function which one may not find in any other.

4. LED shower heads

led vs4t6 1822

Here’s a shower head modernized with LED lights that can also indicate the temperature of the water. The different color codes would notify you the temperature of water before you dare to enter it.

5. Rio LED Shower Head

rio led shower head rgb

Here comes another trendy design giving a feel of disco while taking shower. This is designed by a brand named Crosswater. The shower head is loaded with 96 computers -controlled LEDs in RGB combination and flicks out different colors. Its main focus is to illuminate jet streams streaming out of the shower head.

6. Crazy showerhead

vado amazing shower head 3 thumb

The squid-shaped shower head can be tangled and disentangled as per customers view and fun. The shower head is designed by Vado, a leading UK based Bathroom manufacturer.

7. Bossini iPod MP3 Shower Head

mp3 shower head by bossini

Feeling alone while bathing..!! Get into the action of the MP3 Shower Head by Bossini. This fancy shower fitting lets one enjoy shower with its Aquavolo Music-Chromotherapy. The fitting is indulged with a sound system with two speakers and can be connected with your iPod or MP3 player. Thank Bossini to help eliminate the isolation factor.

8. Luxury Shower from Gessi

gessi shower private wellness 2

Gessi again provides us with a luxury shower, which is basically used for outdoor purposes and its multifunctional rain showers brings out the best rain shower experience. This is by far the best fitting which could bring an x-factor in your bathroom.

9. Domolight shower head

domolight shower head

The Domolight shower is an outcome of a combination of simplicity, design and perfection. It gives a luminous bathing experience by concealing color therapy in white light. It comes with a remote control that allows customizing the color therapy program.

10. Hidrobox Zenith shower

hidrobox zenith circle showerhead

This shower gives one a spa effect while bathing. It’s a Hidrobox innovation. It supports chromo therapy lighting option and is available in many shapes to choose from.

11. The Drop Showerhead

the drop showerhead 1

The Drop Showerhead, designed by Giulio Lacchetii, is made of silicone and is fitted with anti-lime pins. These are available in white, black, orange and blue color schemes.

12. Top Large Rain Shower Head A2720

top large rain shower head a2720

China Sanlive Supplies Brass Overhead Large Rain Shower Head comes with an 8 inch diameter easy clean spray face. It fits all standard overhead rain shower arms and also has wide drenching shower pattern which provides full body coverage. The plus point to have this is that its easy to install.

13. Hand-hold shower head

hand hold shower head

The Hand-hold shower head is an overhead shower fitting and this single function shower head comprises of the COSO shower head series.

14. LED Temperature Controlled Shower Heads

led temperature controlled shower heads

The feature of this shower fitting is somewhat same as fitting number 5, LED shower head. This fitting has a H59 brass body and zinc-alloy handle mixer with ceramic cartridge. The color changes with the change in water temperature.

15. Moen Shower Heads

moen shower heads

Moen, a renowned brand, brings out shower heads from The Level, 90 Degree, Enliven, Nurture and Adler Collections. These efficient and beautiful products last a lifetime. Moen can guarantee you the best of the rests product and customer service.

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    i have the #14 shower head installed but recently it has stopped lighting up. does anyone know how to fix it?

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