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15 mind-boggling door designs that you’ll keep staring at!



If people around stare at you for you keep peeking into buildings to look for their door designs then this one is for you. Today, we thought of jotting down some unusually cool door designs that will give your home entrance a whole new look. There is an old saying, “A door is not a door when it’s ajar”. Designers today don’t seem to agree with this, what else could coerce them to come up with the inimitable doors few of which are lovely when ajar! From transformable to techie, smashed, three-in-one or staircase hidden doors there are unique designs that will spice up your home and surprise your guests. Pinned below are 15 door designs for you all. Check em’out!

double sliding door tekno foaporte

1.Tekno sliding glass door from Foaporte.
wall door

2.Contemporary moving wall/door design by Lotty Lindeman.
3d facial recognition jcp6q 1822

3.Door with 3D Facial Recognition System for complete home security.

4.3 in 1 Door by UK design group-Slam.

5.Ping Pong Door by Tobias Fränzel turns into a ping pong table when needed.
smart door xylqv 1822

6.iHouse Smart door: Techie door that opens only after checking your fingerprint.

7.Chalkboard Door: It’s one magnetic chalkboard door that lets you leave the message for other family members write a to-do lists etc.
luna fulldoor

8.Light + Air Door: Open/close the holes on the door by sliding the knob and adjust the amount of light/air entering in the room.
5c4667727da55b371251923b1c2998bbf875cd6b vgk6m 182

9.IBeam-Hi-tech door that’s sure to magnetize your guests!
shattering door l9cpk 1822

10.Shattering Door Amazing door design by Leandro Erlich from Argentina.
14356 01 qfbpv 1822

11.Two Way Door: It’s a innovative ERGON door that opens in both directions.
lebedev digitus numbers 2 eradi 1822

12.Door with geeky digitus numbers.

13.Staircase Hidden Door.
20090318160035330 izt4m 1822

14.Hi-tech Elivision door with built-in LCD.
maxdoor future door1

15.Futuristic Door: The ‘Maxdoor’ front door by Nódesign opens up not with the keys but a remote control and comes with an LED display that displays apartment numbers.

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