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15 see-through bathtubs for a truly unique experience

transparent bathtubs

transparent bathtubs

Bathtubs aren’t just about space and water. These days, they have more to do with style than mere usability. So, what makes a bathtub luxurious and stylish? It’s the integrated features and the form factor that define its luxury quotient. Today, we have for you a collection of stylish transparent bathtubs that represent the pinnacle of modern design. These bathtubs with a minimalistic look and see-through design are sure to serve as the jewel of your bathroom. Some of you might not like the idea of a transparent bathtub, but for those who don’t believe in hiding anything, these see-through bathtubs are an ideal thing. Hit the jump to see 15 of the most amazing transparent bathtubs.

• Jolie Tub

jolie bathtub

The Jolie bathtub from Italian company Regia makes for an elegant add-on for your bathrooms. The sleek and refreshing design of the bathtub speaks for its beauty. However, its shape makes it less comfortable than its shape.

• Wasauna Whirlpool

wasauna whirlpool

The Wasuna glass bathtub comes to you from the house of Wasauna. Designed for two people, the see-through bathtub looks to be perfect for your modern bathrooms. The tub is made from high quality Pilkington glass and stainless steel and features 16 jets. The tub comes with a distinctive experience, from a meditative, restorative soak to the stimulating rush of waterfalls and whitewater. With a price tag of $3,200, the luxurious bathtub will certainly bring a sexy appeal to your bathroom design.

• Vision bathtub

vision btahtub group treese

The Vision bathtub from Paolo Parea is a conventional see-through bathtub which makes a perfect addition for your bathroom. Designed by Paolo Parea, the tub features see-through plate glass panels on either side. The tubs are also offered with additional attributes like optional color therapy, radio and audio jacks for your iPod or CD player. The Vision bathtub offers enough space to stretch out, a comfortable built-in headrest and a rejuvenating hydro-massage that will ease you into relaxation mode as you ease yourself in for a deep soak.

• Cristalli glass tub

novellini bathtub cristalli 1

The modern Cristalli glass bathtub from Novellini is the ultimate tub for you to relax. Made from highly unusual material, the tub with its minimalist looks makes for an elegant addition for your home. The tub features a tall, angular faucet, and looks amazing set on a polished floor. The longest sides of the bathtub are straight, while the ends flair out in a smooth, gleaming curve.

• Le cob bathtub

le cob bath by omvivo

Take your bath experience to a new level with the Le cob bathtub. The Le cob bestows you with a luxury bath and also the soothing cascade overflow is naturally therapeutic, reminiscent of a river, as the water falls onto the pebbles below. The tub holds less water as compared with other tubs and offers an ultimate bathing luxury to you.

• Luxury glass bathtub

luxury glass bathtub

Experience a unique bathing experience with luxury glass bathtubs. The glass tub offers a sculptural design, luxurious comfort and complete experience. It is made from the best quality tempered grass and explosive-proof technology. The backboard and both side panels are conglutinated by mildew-resistant sealed glue and the tub also features advanced structure patent technology, high-temp resistance. It is explosive proof, bulletproof and has complete upgrade safety.

• Acrylic Pedestal Tub

acrylic pedstal tub

The Pedestal bathtub from Jason International, a new name in the world of bathtubs. The see-through bathtubs are offered with the translucent blue or green acrylic and a chromotherapy light system. A perfect addition for your bathroom, the tubs offer you a relaxing bath.

• Newport tubs

newport bathtub

Newport is yet another bathtub on the list from the house of Wasauna. Offering a modern design to your bathroom design, Newport comes with the touch screen panel that enables you to enjoy amenities like the digital FM radio, pulsing jets, and prismatic chromatherapy light settings. In addition, the ozone sterilization helps to create a consistently rejuvenating experience and also prevents building up of bacteria.

• Milo glass bathtub

milo glass bathtub

The Milo glass bathtub designed by Alessandro Lenarda for Gruppo Treesse is a showstopper for your bathroom. Shaped like a cube, the tub features sloped sides and crisp corners. The large-scale, freestanding glass form rests on a simple base that operates as a drawer for storage. An elegant design of bathtub can bring about an entire makeover to your bathroom range.

• Waterfall bathtub

waterfall tubs

The Waterfall bathtub from green glass is a wonderful concept for your modern bathroom designs. The tubs keep you warmer longer than other tubs and look different in their shapes, so they are worthy of being made part of your bath space.

• Hoesch Water Lounge

hoesch water lounge

The Hoesch Water Lounge is a blend of a lounge with the bathtub. Deigned by NOA, the tub is a perfect amalgamation of two products into one. The bathtub offers you a luxury bath with its soothing quality and the bubbles add to your comfort. The fully transparent tub side panels are supported by a metal construction that reveals the exceptional design of the whole thing.

• Tulip glass bathtub

tulip glass bathtub

The glass bathtub is made from tempered structural glass and will look perfect in any bathroom. The Tulip tub from the house of Prizama offers a unique look to your bath décor and enhances the appeal with its visually appealing design.

• Bathtub from Prizama

prizama bathtub

The see-through bathtub from Hungarian company Prizama offers a range of glass tubs for transparency bath soak. The truly unique tubs offer a completely transparent bathroom décor.

• Transparent bath

transparent bath

Designed by Belgian designer Flore de Crombrugghe, the tub gives an entirely new meaning to your bath space. The tub displays the number of drinkable water bottles you are using when taking a bath. What more do you need, the tub is not only stylish and functional but also makes an elegant addition for your home.

• Antiballistic bathtub

bulletproof bathtub

Have you heard of a bathtub that is bullet and bomb proof? The Chinese bathtubs take the bathtub to a completely new level. The see-through tub is entirely made up of glass that complements your contemporary bathroom design well.

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