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15 Steampunk home accessories

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Steampunk is finding new ways everyday to combine the past with the future in an aesthetic yet very freakish way. The design of Steampunk accessories looks centuries old even at the same time it has some futuristic designs incorporated into it. It acts as a bridge between designs of the past and the future. Let us now take a look at 15 Steampunk home accessories which combines in itself the scientific romanticism of the Victorian era with our future requirements.

Steampunk Wall Lamp:

steampunk 1

This Steampunk lamp has been created by Art Donovan, an artist and museum curator based in NYC. He specializes in creating hand crafted custom lighting and illuminated sculptural objects for his own company Donovan Design. Created with the use of brass, cast bronze, handcarved wood and blown glass, art Donovan’s Steampunk oil lamp recreates the Victorian era memories quite wonderfully.

Steampunk Work Desk:

steampunk 2

The Steampunk work desk is another crazy creation in this segment. The desk easily looks like a desk out of a Shakespearean era but don’t get fooled by it. It is packed with modern gadgets like a fully functional PC, LCD screens, web cameras etc. It also has a Victorian era keyboard in the front to go with the computers.

iRetrofone Steampunk – Black/Gold:

steampunk 3

This Steampunk iRetrofone have been hand sculptured by artist Scott Freeland. It has very detailed work and has been hand painted for desired effect. Each of the phone have been hand-cast in urethane resin. As far as the functionality of these iRetrofones are concerned they have a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable. It has a heavy-duty base made from half-inch thick urethane resin which creates a functional and stable work station. All the voice communication is routed through the handset. It has been designed to be compatible with all versions of iPhones.

Steampunk stove:

steampunk 4

This Steampunk stove is actually known as Steam Powered Food Preparation Device and Instant Hot Water Receptacle. The stove has three burners which can be used to carry out for all types of heating and cooking works. This stove is said to be created by Dr. Thaddeus Robertson of Deb’s Minis. It is said to be capable of providing scientifically precise heating to prepare foods at the quickest of time. The cooking temperatures can be controlled with a turn of a dial. Hot water can always be taken from the tap located on the right side of the stove.

Steampunk Mirror/Picture Frame:

steampunk 8

This Steampunk mirror/picture frame has a dimension of 16″ H x 10″ W x 3.25″ D. As the name itself points out that it either be used as a mirror or a glass frame. The mirror frame is made from forged and fabricated steel with natural, heated, and melted brass finish.

Gothic glow Steampunk lighting:

steampunk 9

It has been designed by Mr. Breman using Sylvania 25T10 light bulbs. The boxes are hand shaped and stained. Brass is hand cut, ground and electrolytic etched. The brightness of the lights can be controlled with a knob. It is available in three different sizes.

Elektra belle epoque coffee machine:

steampunk 10

This piece of Steampunk machine looks like a Victorian robot, but it is in fact a coffee machine. It is available in brass and copper as well as in chrome. The design of the machine has been done in true Steampunk style. It has porthole styled water viewpoints and various Victorian era knobs and dials for making coffee of your choice. Having this “monstrous” coffee machine will definitely come in handy as far as coffee making is concerned.

Transparent clockwork steampunk desk:

steampunk 11

This steampunk desk has been designed by artist Dale Mathis where he successfully blends art with functionality. The gears that are visible on the desk all work according to their assigned functions and helps make the desk fully functional. Each of these desks are handmade to order and the price tags attached to them are a mind boggling $21,000.

Steampunk light switching plates:

steampunk 12

Made from brass these steampunk switch plates looks cool. These look fancy and at the same time they look unique. These fancy looking switch plates will definitely take the interior of your house to another level altogether by giving it a trendy appeal.

Homemade Steampunk lamp:

steampunk lamp

Designed by Michael Pusateri this Steampunk Lamp looks like a piece of light that must have been there during the Victorian era. The design of the light is pretty simple and unlike some other steampunk creations it is not clumsy and overdone. In fact this piece of steampunk creation excels in its simplicity. The base is made out of a old wooden cigar box with two 60 watt bulbs standing on it.

Steampunk hood:

steampunk 14

The design of this steampunk hood is rustic and it captures the steampunk feel perfectly. Made from beaten iron and brass, it is riveted just like it would have been done in the old days. In fact the exposed rivets gives that rustic look that at times even the finest steampunk designs misses out on.

Steampunk Fireplace:

steampunk 15

This steampunk fireplace is another example of remarkable piece of steampunk style art. The design of the fireplace has that old feel to it with the “Victorian” door. Above this the fireplace is equipped with a not so Victorian LCD TV which will provide some much needed entertainment to the people getting warm from the heat of the fireplace.

Spanish Steampunk Clock:

steampunk 16

Designed by Tenerifean artist of Gonzalo Álvarez the clock gives an aesthetic to your home interior. The clock resembles the center timepiece of a steampunk Swiss Family Robinson.

A Steampunk Toilet:

steampunk 17

This steampunk toilet is another piece of magnificent steampunk craftsmanship. The toilet has a wooden wooden flush and a brass painted seat. The wooden tank houses many switches that turns the flush on. It also cup holder on the left side of the tank.

Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk:

steampunk 18

This Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk is perfect for an office in a tight place. It is foldable making it easy to carry. It has drawers, places to hang clothes, and even a hatbox.

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