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17 creative stools to lay your butts on!



Home decor is a part of the personal style and artistic inclination of life stylists. Home decoration designs are too many, most of them beautiful and self expressive! While decorating your home, space planning, lighting, furniture, you gotta be really careful as to which one will compliment and which should be left out. The modern furniture designers are so creative that when it comes to colors and styles, the creative juices start flowing and the final outcome of their creativity is mesmerizing beauty and uniqueness. Just imagine the home furnished with suitable furniture, you will certainly appreciate the unique taste of the owner. Complement your furniture with a sophisticated blend of home decor that completely speaks out for your classy and unique taste. And much like your furniture preferences, you have an array of options to satisfy whatever creative ideas you have for a home decor theme. Let’s have a look at most creative and extraordinary stool designs to furnish your home and spice it up. Innovative and brain wracking, you’ll indeed love each one!

upcycling wooden chopstick stool

Creative Chopstick Stool Design
2009 01 14 1934

Cool butt stool.

‘Kncord’ stool by Karim Rashid: A rotational molded polyethylene stool for the Italian company “Slide”.
plopp chair by hay 8
Metal Plopp stool designed by Polish designer Oskar Zieta for Danish furniture brand Hay.

Tree Stools by Courtney Skott are made up of plywood, foam, batting, muslin, silk, wool, zippers, thread

Za Stackable Stools: Stylish stack-able stools created by Miso Soup Design.

Command Sit Stool: For geeky freaks, big keyboard stackable stool for indoor or outdoor use.

Momentum stool by Cate & Nelson: Unusually cool seating for contemporary homes.

Skateboard Stools crafted using broken skateboards harvested from urban Philadelphia.

Snow Stools: Cool stool designs based on kim-chi jars covered in snow.

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer takes inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Tooth Stool: Unusual stool designed by Philippe Starck.

Wiggle Stool by Frank Gehry is made up of 60 layers of cardboard held together by hidden screws.
bottom pop 32

Sam Brown’s “Sheep” stool that looks like a headless sheep.
labbit stool

30-inch Smorkin’ Labbit Stool will cost you $1250.

Creative Hikoki Stool designed by Koji Yano & Yoshiyuki Kashiwagi.
pencil stool

Pencil Stool: The bench that is made up of 1600 pencils.

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