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5 amazing mirror design to revamp your interiors

These days, mirrors are used in almost every aspect of interior design and are being employed as wall and ceiling treatments as well as a way to add more light into a space. Sometimes, mirrors with a fashionable frame are sufficient to revamp a wall and a room. Here are 5 incredible mirror designs that can add a lot of oomph to your space.

1. Francis Mirror

Designed by Petite Friture, the Francis mirror is an aging mirror that is decorative as well as functional. With a minimalist frame holding a mirror in a conventional round shape, the mirror presents a vibrant display of color while being a regular mirror as well.


Francis MirrorFrancis Mirror

2. ZigZag Mirror

Aimed at being a stylish wall décor instead of a dresser essential, the ZigZag modular mirror features a wide and smooth reflecting surface at the end of its color gradient that features a number of colorful independent pieces. Created by MUT Design, the mirror is composed a number of mirrors attached to each other at a 45 degree angle to present a spectacular effect.


ZigZag MirrorZigZag Mirror

3. Eclipse Mirror

Presented at Maison & Objet back in 2007, the Eclipse Mirror by Bodo Sperlein is created using Swarovski and Corian crystals. Fluorescent lights provide the backlight for the spectacular mirror that mimics lunar landscape while referencing an eclipse.


Eclipse MirrorEclipse Mirror

4. Sensor Mirror

The Sensor Mirror from Simple Human is a high tech companion for the everyday fashionista who doesn’t want to leave her makeup to chance. The hi-tech mirror comes with a built in sensor and lights that can sense when a person is approaching or standing in front of the mirror. This allows the mirror to provide ample amounts of ambient light when someone stands in front of it which incidentally also makes applying makeup a breeze.


Sensor MirrorSensor Mirror

5. Fiction Mirror

Designed for Glas Italia by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Fiction Mirror set is fashioned out of extralight glass that makes them look like they are disappearing right in front of the beholders eye. The disappearing effect is caused by the used of degrading shaded silvering that gives the mirrors a ghost-like effect.


Fiction MirrorFiction Mirror

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