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Most unusual and interesting houses from around the world

amazing unusual houses

amazing unusual houses At Hometone, we have already seen some of the most amazing, unusual and interesting homes from all around the world. We have seen people converting airplanes, trucks, buses, barns, shipping containers, caves and even churches into beautiful homes. Today, we have a delight for our readers. We have divided the house types into four different categories – Glass houses, Cave houses, Underground houses and the Unusual houses. Scroll down to check them all…

GLASS HOUSES Glasshouse – the name not only looks interesting, but also goes good in look. People who live inside the glass houses are always considered fortunate to have the best of the views both inside and out. Here we have a treat for your eyes – a pictorial of the modern and most amazing glass houses from different parts of the world. 1) Glass house, Japan (Designed by Kiyonobu Nakagame & Associates) glass house japan 2) Glass Home by Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio glass concept house 01 3) Leonardo-glass-cube (Build by 3deluxe) leonardo glass cube 4) Modern glass house, London (Designed by Eldridge Smerin) eldridge smerin modern glass house 5) Toilet shaped glass house, Korea (Designed by Sim Jae-duck) toile house korea 6) Philip Johnson’s Glass house (Designed by Philip Johnson) philip johnsons glass house1 7) Glass house Sydney, Australia (Designed by Utz-Sansby) glass house in sydney 8) Daniel C. Robbins glass house daniiel c robbins glass house 9) Contemporary glass house, New York contermporary glass house 1 10) Remuera house Auckland, New Zealand (Designed by Hillery Priest Architecture) remuera house 1 11) Glass wall home in the Hollywood Hills (Designed by architect John Lautner) glass wall home in hollywood hills 12) Glass house, Changgyeonggung – Seoul, Korea 800px glass house oblique seoul korea 13) Jodlowa House, Krakow (Designed by PCKO Architects in co-operation with MOFO Architects) jadlowa home krakow 14) Glass house in Johannesburg, South Africa (Designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects) glass house south africa 15) Luxury glass house California, Losangeles (Designed by architects Ray Kappe) luxury glass house california 16) Glass house Mathew Mc Mullen glass house matthew mc mullen 17) Palm spring glass house palm spring glass house 18) Glass-and-Mirror Villa 1 House Design (Designed by Powerhouse Company ) glass villa 1 powerhouse 1 19) Glass house Designed by Tonic Design glass house tonic design CAVE HOUSES Cave house are not something new, they have been part of our history. Our evolution actually begins from here and slowly we have taken a leap into new house design. But, there are still some cave houses that are grabbing attention of the buyers. Check out some of the famous cave houses you would love to live in. 1) 700 Year Old Cave Houses of Iran cave home of iran1 2) Modern Cave House Missouri festus cave home 3) Famous Coober Pedy Cave Dwellings from Australia coober peddy cave houses 4) Cave Home Arizona cave home arizona2 5) Cave House with a Human Face cave house with a human face 6) Vourvoulos Cave House vourvoulos cave house 7) Cave House form Galera cave house from galera1 8) Partial Cave House with a Pool partial cave house with a pool 9) Cortes De Baza Cave House cortes de baza cave house 10) Cave house form Cappadocia cave house from cappadocia 11) Random Cave House from Cappadocia random cave house UNDERGROUND HOUSES Well, we know quite a few number of creatures that live underground. Humans have joined the league as well. It’s a nice idea to occupy the land because very soon you may confront with less space on the earth, and then underground will be the next space for our kids and their kids. Check out the amazing underground houses. 1) Gary Neville’s Underground House gary neville underground home 2) Swiss Mountain Underground House underground home designs swiss mountain house 1 3) Sedum House sedum house1 4) Cumbria Underground House cumbria underground house 5) Malator Underground Eco House malator eco underground house1 6) Abandoned Missile Base underground house missile base home 7) Greek Isles Underground House underground house deca architecture 8) Modern Underground house by KWK Promes underground house kwk promes 9) Underground Stone Desert Home underground stone desert home 10) Missile Silo underground house atlas f missile base home1 UNUSUAL HOMES A wooden or a brick house is a common shelter for us. But, there are few who think beyond these usual construction material, and so we call those houses “Unusual”. Check out some unusual house across the world that would make you drop your jaws. 1) Airplane Home airplane house 2) Apartment Encased in Aluminum Foil aluminum foil encased apartment 3) Sliding House by dRMM Architecture sliding house 4) Football House football house 5) Upside down House upside down house 6) Single ‘Billboard’ Hauz single hauz 7) The Kettle House kettle house 8) Pickle Barrel House pickle barrel house 9) The Shoe House shoe house 10) Floating Home in Ukraine floating home 11) UFO House ufo house 12) N55 Walking house walking house 13) Cookie Jar House cookie jar house 14) Bubble House bubble house 15) The mushroom “Pod” House pod house 16) Free spirit “tree hanging” House free spirit sphere 17) Weird House in Alps weird house in alps 18) Cincinnati’s Mushroom House cincinattis mushroom house1 19) Tipi House tipi house 20) Boat Houses on Land boat houses on land

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