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Classic center table

7 classic center tables for your drawing room

Classic center table

When it comes to furnish our lovely home, we intend to go a step ahead in decorating each room and corner of house with good quality and designer decor items. Of course, no one would like to invite criticism and crooked facial expressions of people coming into their house. And more often we tend to neglect the most important part of furnishing and that is the center table. As in, the center table too plays an important role while furnishing your living room or common room. The center table is often left with no priority thinking it as a smaller part of furniture decors. But no, It is the most usual thing that comes in view of everyone coming to your house. Mostly people tend to picture an image about the the owner of the house just by looking at their home. And Living room is the most common place where every guest and other important people are given entry. So to avoid such embarrassments and to keep your standard of living intact, you have to make sure that what you get is a good center table which would earn some praises for your furniture choice. And so to help you out in this search, we have listed down seven classic center tables that will add more charm to your drawing room. Just go through the below list of table collection and find something best that suits your personality as well as your home.

1. Pipa Cocktail Table

Price: $2,050

Pipa Cocktail Table

This piece of work is surely to top any chart. Pipa Cocktail Table is a perfect search end for someone who needs a classy look along with the soothing structure and calm hues for their drawing room. This beautiful art from Oly Studio can be simply crowned for the center of your living room thus making the room look more elegant, refined and classy.


Made up of pierced white resin and structured into a beautiful circumference, it brings out a wonderful running ribbon design with the layers effect. It also comes in two variations one is small of about 30 inches round and 17 inches high. Second is large sized of about 42 inches round and 17 inches high plus you have to pay $515 extra for the large ones.


This type of furnishings is commonly used at huge spaced living room and if you are in too much of love with this design then this can also go well other than drawing rooms or even home-office. You can get your own Pipa center table at Tonic Home.

2. Mayfair center table

Price: $5,577

Mayfair center table

Mayfair Center Table is yet another beautifully crafted center dining table that will enhance the beauty of your common room with its wooden features and interesting design structure. It comes as accent furniture item with classic mahogany finish and measures for about 50 inches in diameter and 30 inches in height.


This elegant piece is made out of selected hardwood and Philippine mahogany solids and is finished with Mahogany and primavera veneers. It comprises of eight-panel top which is attached to a tapering-reed column along with the base of square plinth.


This amazing piece by Ralph Lauren is a bit costly but it will surely take your room decor to a totally new dimension. This dining table is suitable for those who have less space and has immense love for pure wooden-furniture. Worth buying!

3. Maitland Smith Hammered Brass Coffee Cocktail Table

Price: $1,195

Maitland Smith Hammered Brass Coffee Cocktail Table

Coming to next is a very stylish yet very classic coffee table which is a beautiful creation of Maitland smith and is made in Philippine. Commonly known as Maitland Smith Hammered Brass Coffee Cocktail Table, is a casual coffee table that acts as a perfect floor model made up of fine wooden materials, brass metal, glass and bamboo.


One of the finest and gorgeous Smith designed furniture features an ornately hammered piece of brass metal with inset designed glass top, a bamboo base and a scalloped edge wood table top. The wooden frame to the glass top gives a brief styling plus a fresh look and also act as a durable support to it. The cross bars at the bottom of the table also acts as a shelf wherein you can keep newspapers, books etc. It measures about 36.5”L x 57”W x 22”H.


This coffee cocktail table is simply perfect decor item that will glorify the image of your drawing room and at the same it will keep your standards justified.

4. Hyde park finished mahogany tripod based center table

Price: $3,950Hyde park finished mahogany tripod based center table

Yet another beautiful creation of Maitland Smith in line of wooden furniture, this center table is melodiously fantastical design to bring in the aura of legendary years fallen back. If you want to add some dramatic view to your home furnishings, then Hyde Park finished mahogany tripod based center table is something you should opt for.


As the name of the table itself describes, this stupendous piece of art is made up of wood, finished with Hyde Park and is based with mahogany tripod structural design. Moreover the mixed veneer top showcases a wonderful detailed design on it that not only describes the simplicity it holds but will also interpret the owners personality and his tastes. The tripod base is designed in a way to emphasize the designers legendary thinking he holds while designing this mesmerizing beauty. Measuring about 41inches of width, 41inches of diameter and 30 inches of height.


This coffee table will surely earn some good accolades in terms of praises for you. It will glorify your home corner more when used on special occasions where in you need to have some fancy yet classy party look. So, what’s the need to bother for its price when the beauty of it is simply unmatchable!

5. Lift Top Coffee Table

Price: $278

Lift Top Coffee Table

If you have a small area as your living room and is thinking to go for some smart shopping that will not only be convenient to your home space but also to your pocket, then this coffee-cum-store table is all you need to have. Light on pocket, this rectangular Lift Top Coffee Table from Jofran Furniture comes with various unique features that helps to keep your organized living room look more organized.


It features the double header lift top wherein the top surface, when lifting it high, would act as your dining table and beneath it’ll act as the book holder or shelf that can be used to keep small-small things. And when you lower the top surface, it’ll turn into a comfortable coffee table that can be shared peacefully with other people around you. Along with such innovative features, this unique table also comprises with safety lock drawers for your personal belongings. This table is made up of durable solid Asian hardwood, holding casters for easy shifting and moreover is finished with wood veneers. This perfect complimentary home decor comes in two variations and i.e. the espresso and cherry table which is finished with maple veneer and the oak table which is finished with an oak veneer. Weighing about 86lbs, it holds dimensions of 48W x 26D x 18H inches.


Isn’t this an amazing piece to atleast have once or also can act as a wonderful gift item?! The espresso and the cherry table looks more elegant than the oak table.

6. Maitland Smith Round Leather Top Table with 3 Drawers

Price: $1,799

Maitland Smith Round Leather Top Table with 3 Drawers

If you are as impressed with Maitland Smith’s fine furniture collection as I am, then this great creation by him will be an added bonus to your likings for his collections. Maitland Smith Round Leather Top Table is wonderfully crafted with durable solid wood and leather top.


The tripod base also holds metal casters for easy moving at the bottom of its legs. The fine design on the table top gives the table more elegant look. Also, what makes this table more convenient is its 3 drawers wherein one can place petty day-to-day things in it. The top measures in 40”D and 29″H.


Well, this table would add more charm if placed at the corner of living room rather than as a center table. But it can be best suited for small living rooms where in it would be advisable to keep it as the center stage.

7. American Drew 091-911 Cherry Grove Oval Cocktail Coffee Table

Price: $410.62

American Drew 091-911 Cherry Grove Oval Cocktail Coffee Table

Last but not the least is the Cherry Grove Oval Cocktail Coffee Table by American Drew which is a part of his fine furnishing Cherry Grove Collections. Accurately called as American Drew 091-911 Cherry Grove Oval Cocktail Coffee Table, it is made up of wooden materials and is finished with Mid Tone Brown veneer.


The oval shape makes it look more feminine and at the same time a beautiful decor for any kind of home rooms. Measuring across 28”W x 46”L x 19”H, it contains a glass top and one fixed shelf giving a subtle designer look. The table’s sleek n shiny legs quite resemble the legs of octopus, thus giving it a bit more inspirational design.


A must buy for those people who loves to decor their living room with fine furnishings having a classy edge and inspirational looks. Homes with other stylish and designer decors will be best suited to it.

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