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7 reasons why you should use an interior decorator

So you’ve decided to redocrate your home of office but are still undecided whether hiring a professional interior decorator is worth your moolah or not. Well, you are not the first person who have faced this dilemma. Most people tend to think of interior decorators as spoilt and snooty design graduates who overcharge for their service and deck your space with undesirable pieces of pseudo art. But that’s not necessarily true and we explain why hiring an interior decorator could be the greatest decision you ever made.


1. The Time Factor: Trying to redecorate your space yourself requires a lot of time in terms of planning, creating estimates, shopping for supplies and putting in elbow grease. Most amateurs would only be able to finish such a DIY project in their spare time which could ultimately take weeks, months or even years to finish. A professional decorator, however, can put in a lot more working hours and have the project finished in just a few days!

2. Energy Efficiency: Professional decorators possess trade secrets and know more about making home energy efficient than most people and can help reduce your space’s carbon footprint through innovative ideas.

3. Professionals Can Fix Problems Easily: Every rededication project is bound to run into some kind of problem. If you have a professional working on your space, they would know what to do and who to call when a problem like cracked walls, uneven ceilings, faulty electricals etc. is found.

4. Professionals Can Create A Specific Look: Even if you have the best taste in interiors, a professional decorator would always know better than you. If you don’t want to end up with a DIY disaster, simply hire a professional, explain your vision to them, have them create a 3D sample of their plan for you space and give them the go-ahead to work on your space only when you are satisfied with the ultimate look.

5. Professionals Work According To Your Budget: Most redecorating projects cost a lot more than just a few cans of paint. When you hire a professional, you get to decide the budget before hand so you always know how much a redecoration project is going to cost you. This cost would be inclusive of labor costs as well as the cost of supplies.


6. Bump Up The Value Of Your Home Or Business: Hiring a professional decorator for your home would help you have your home look a lot like the pretty pictures in décor magazines. Even if you prefer a more DIY and homely space, a picturesque and professionally done look could help boost the value of your home.

7. Hiring A Professional Gives You A Better End Product: Just like you wouldn’t risk cutting your own hair and trust in the know how of a professional hair stylist, you shouldn’t start decorating a project if you have not formally studied design.

A professionally done job has a more finished look than a DIY project and even though hiring a professional decorator may seem like a big investment initially but it does prove its worth in the long run.

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