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A contemporary and interactive X&Y Light



X&Y light is a contemporary interactive light that can sense the movements and change lighting accordingly. It has been developed by the well-known lighting designer Flynn Talbot. It is an innovative product which can change the effects of the lighting depending on the simple movements of hands.

It has been designed as a big ball sitting on a brass base. The base brass piece is highly polished and the lamp is a hand-blown opal glass sphere. The brass base contains the technology to sense the movement and change the color and intensity of the light through the LEDs fixed to it. The spherical lamp is positioned and supported on the brass base with the help of a felt ring.

The lamp sphere can be rolled to alter the color and intensity of the light coming from the illuminated base part. Thus by rolling the sphere in various directions along the XY axes, you can set the mood of your room by giving a very sensible lighting effect. (The position on x-axis determines the color and the position on the y-axis determines the intensity of the light in this product). This light does not have any remote control, switches or dimmers, instead you can operate it simply by rolling the sphere and explore the various ranges of colors emitted by it.

The dimensions of the light are 50 cm X 54.5 cm. It is a strictly hand-made and a limited version product. Hence you have to book for one in the HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery in Berlin.

As this light lets you to choose the color and intensity of light yourself, you wish to have one for bringing a dramatic effect in your room. Since you can also have a desired intensity in the lighting effect, you would certainly love to experiment with lighting effects on your living space objects.

Image Link: Yatzer

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