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Bat lamp

A Nocturnal lighting up your room!

Bat lamp

A lamp does more than what you think it does to the room. Apart from lighting , it gives a classic look to the entire room, what you have desired ever and depends on the type of lamp you would prefer in your room. Today, you get so many customized tables, wall or hanging lamps that it can easily wake up a little designer in you, choose a theme and convert your room into simply anything!

The whole idea of a bed lamp is to have a light but a soft one. So if you want a room in darker light shade, a darker cover will do the work. This explains how good the new bat lamp is. Its cover is black in color which explains why it’s called the “bat’ lamp and looks just like it too. It’s stitched so well, that you will actually feel like a nocturnal hanging on your room’s ceiling.

Except that, it doesn’t look that scary! Its fabric is stretched with its sharp alkanes. Four white small bulbs are fixed inside it. This lamp is not like most of the other bat lamps available in the market. But, this lamp comprises of just a plain black cloth and looks exactly like a bat hanging unless you stare and look clearly without much effort or extra attention to it. The only thing it lacks in is color.

Designed by the Rijada designers, Zane Homka and Rihards Funts, their every product is simple yet very efficient and useful. If you are looking for great hanging lamps that give a twist to the furnishings of your room, then you must check out these bat lamps!

Via: Rijada

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