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Get mushy and sleep sound with Cuddlilow Pillow

cuddle pillow 2282

cuddle pillow 2282

Want to make your better-half jealous? Don’t go for an outdoor-affair. And tell me what’s the need of it when you have a cuddling partner at home, or rather on your bed itself? Just open your arms and hug it with all affection. I am talking about the Cuddillow Pillow, being launched by hotel giant Travelodge.

To help lonely people relish a good night sleep, Travelodge has created the Cuddillow, a bespoke cuddling pillow which is two and half feet in length and has two arms for guests to snuggle into.

A study disclosed that 63 per cent of the lot crave for a hug so as to fall into a great sleep. If you miss a hug at bedtime, you know the perfect solution now, don’t you? Feel two soft arms wrapped around your body and get lost in your loved one’s sweet memories followed by entering a beautiful dream-world.

Nick Francis, the Sun’s resident insomniac tested the pillow and branded it a success. He says,

I enjoyed a good night’s sleep without the help of a gin or tonic.

Via – thesun

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