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Adopting a unique source of inspiration to reach the goal, meet designer Yelena Lobiv

I can’t say that I ever sat in Yelenas rocking chair, but just looking at it makes me feel safe and at ease. It’s so soft and comfortable. People might ask what on earth is so different about this comfy chair? The answer will gratify them for sure.

The Rocking chair has spears protruding on its back(looking more like a porcupine) and the concept is based on the Escape Mechanisms that are adopted by animals to survive. This is a brainchild of the young and talented Yelena Lobiv.
So lets get to know this talented dame better
yelena Y5nXm 17275
Radhika- Yelena, you have carved out a niche for yourself at such a young age. I am sure you might have a followed a strategy.Can we have an idea?
Please tell us about your inspiration as well.

I never really had a strategy. I have always been a creative person and I always wanted to become a designer. After I finished my school in my home country (Kazakhistan) I came to England to study Art and Design. I finished a course (interior designing) in the University.

I have a passion for interior designing and everything that is related with it. Also, I am interested in industrial design (especially furniture design), which plays a part in interior design. And finally, I enjoy doing art.

My inspiration can be anything that surrounds me. Sometimes it is people, or man-made products, but most of the times it is our nature. I always pay great attention, even for smallest details. Of course the biggest inspiration is my imagination.
2 Describe the journey of your work from a concept into actualization?
Let me explain it with a little example. For me this journey, or as I call it -process, is similar to music. Sometimes I can hear the whole melody and all I have to do is to take materials and create what I see. Sometimes I can here only parts of the melody, and it takes time and effort to put it in one piece.

Radhika- Yelena, do you have a dream project? If yes, please share with us .Where do you visualize yourself say after ten years?

Yelena- My every single project can be called a “dream project”. There are no “important” or “unimportant” projects for me. I always concentrate on a particular work giving it all my attention and effort.
In ten years time I can see myself as a successful interior designer taking part in important work – making this world more beautiful and comfortable place to live in.
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Featured above is a table lamp for a child,by Yelena.

Radhika- Yelena, I had gone through your collection and all of them were absolutely unique, but what fascinated me most was, the design of the rocking chair. What inspired you for developing this beautiful piece?

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Featured above is the Rocking chair by Yelena

The main inspiration came from the wild life. I looked at some animals that are very soft and unprotected inside, but have the sharpest protection on the outside. Based on my research, I have created a rocking chair that has a soft seat and firm back side. I thought that it will be psychological comfort to understand that you are protected by many spears coming out of your back.

Radhika- Do you like to be on the timeless stage or trend-setting stage?

Yelena- To be or not to be on stage, that is the question. A person or a designer or an artist can not decide whether they or their work will be on “stage”, these decisions are made by public or customers. If you are good in anything, you wouldn’t have to think about stage, your work and its impact on public will determine whether you qualify or not. Basically if you are worth – you will get there.
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Featured above is a wooden sculpture called the Human being, by Yelena.

Any closing thoughts?

I believe that my profession can make people happier as the beauty of our environment plays a significant role in our everyday life.

Yelena, thanks a lot for sharing your precious thoughts with us. I’d like to wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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