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Ahmed Fakhry gifts the Ninety Three for coffee lovers around the globe

Ninety Three coffee maker

Ninety Three coffee maker

Here’s a boon for coffee lovers around the globe- Ahmed Fakhry has designed the best, versatile and aesthetically powered coffee maker that comes with its own intelligence quotient. No more runny cappuccinos or rustic espresso, get the best flavor of the fresh pound coffee beans with the Ninety Three coffee maker. It’s less of hassles and more of pleasure using this Ninety Three coffee maker designed by Ahmed Fakhry who certainly has gauged the coffee lovers taste buds in an delectable way, to bring out a third dimension to every sip you drink from the Ninety Three coffee.

Ahmed Fakhry has tackled the problems of ordinary coffee makers and resolved our timeless issues with rustic coffee makers, yes we want coffee at the go but the flavor seems lost when using these routine old coffee makers. Ninety Three is scientifically minded as it uses the right roasted beans for the right flavor of coffee, be it Cappuccino or Espresso this coffee maker knows how much of coffee

volume is required to make your coffee the right way to bring out the right taste to your palate!

The functionality of the Ninety Three is based on three major principals that comes ideal for the best coffee- The grinder, for appropriate proportions of freshly pound coffee beans, the adequate amount of water and above all the machine that is essential to amalgamate these aromatic flavors. This intelligent equipment knows your coffee and reads it well to deliver the best coffee. From the grinder crushing the best roasted coffee beans for specific coffee, be it cappuccino or espresso, the Ninety Three has intelligence sense technology that crushes the right beans at precise proportions to provide the basic and most vital quality of coffee- its flavor!

After the grinder has done its magic, the central tap provides piping hot water which is maintained at 93 degrees. Now, the water and powdered beans are also weighed to get the exact ratio with the provided weighing scales. Lastly the machine works its wonders for making sure that your French press and espresso get their right amount of steamed milk to churn out the best chicory.

Ahmed Fakhry hasn’t just got the chicory magic right but also makes sure this versatile coffee maker travels light to accompany you and bring you your favorite coffee on the go. The backpacking package provides this modular coffee maker with more versatility and portability. Intelligent designing and comfort borne in mind, the Ninety Three has made away with the zip and introduced magnetic support strap which keeps the backpack safe and hassle free for both young and old.

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