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All-in-One Sheer Spherical Kitchen


The Sheer Spherical Kitchen is innovation at its best. This highly functional kitchen is designed as spherical dome that contains in itself almost all the essentials required in a kitchen with utmost style and sophistication.

It comes along with a wall unit that works in sync with the spherical worktop with the help of a remote control. The upper hemisphere rises to provide you with a spacious cooking area in the lower half together with a double sink, four burners, three bottle coolers, a pull out table, multiple cooking accessories, two electric outlets for small appliances, and two rolling trolleys that can rotate around the circular island…phew! It seems to be a hidden treasure.

This was just about the spherical unit…now here is all that the wall unit contains in itself. As the shutter to the wall unit rises, you get to see a refrigerator, an oven, plenty of cabinet space and four folding chairs…I think that is more than enough. It’s far more than what one can expect from a kitchen system. I must say this one is a complete kitchen system that’s never leave you wanting for anything more.

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