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Alphasphere: An interactive musical device!



Music aficionados are keenly interested in checking out the best of the rest home entertainment products to let them enjoy their favorite tunes the best way that too without any compromise with style. UK-based design team Nu Desine did just the same. Ingenious designers at the studio did the great job by designing the speaker that promises ultimate musical treat. Besides letting you enjoy your favorite music, the speaker enhances the magnificence of the room it sits in.

Alphasphere brings physical interaction to the electronic music enabling digital-ready sounds to be uploaded and manipulated by simple interaction with the sphere’s surface pads. The material used to craft the speaker is just similar to the one used in designing the robotics. There are 48 programmable pressure-sensitive pads of the device that offers a range of possible control over the sounds produced, from volume and pitch to warble and oscillation.

The Alphasphere speaker is designed to interface with the MIDI-ready protocol open sound control there are plans to make the device fully programmable to enable the users upload almost any sound. The speaker comes with LEDs that offer more physical experience of the sounds that are produced.
Also, the instrument can be used as a synthesizer, step sequencer, or MIDI controller, and 48 pads that permit the mapping of up to four octaves of instrumentation around the sphere.

The team of designers at Nu Desine is currently seeking funding to develop a market-ready model of the product through the Alphasphere Indie Gogo Campaign.

Via: Designboom

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