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Amazing home offices that can be folded back when not in use

A work culture can boost your stamina and positively affect output. The progressive techniques and volatile work culture enable to create a ‘home office’ mood minus the actual office. While productivity certainly gets a boost when working with appropriate tools and inputs, an impressive lifestyle comes along with the right arrangement (even though at home).

The wide variety of desks and counters can serve the purpose when wanting an uncomplicated and ingenious podium. Investing judiciously in a ‘home office’ can serve beyond just having a table top or a desk. There are some which are versatile, while many others have been created for specific purposes. You can select one according to your specific requirement. Read on:

Retro Office in a Suitcase

When living in compact space, size matters. The same applies to your home office. Transformer furniture can serve the purpose, as it almost goes away when you are done with your work.

The Retro Office in a Suitcase finds inspiration in a 20th century aircraft. The retro appeal is displayed well with the patchwork of polished aluminum panels and uncovered steel screws. The matte finish of aluminum along with intentional nicks deliberate imperfections can predictably add to the character and uniqueness of the compact office.

The cost is $3650.

Coffee Office Workstation

The closet area of the Coffee Office Workstation can suit those of you wanting your selective space. This portable office cubicle, which seems to be designed particularly for the coffee lovers, has the shape of a coffee mug. When you want to enter, the area gets divided into two (by separating from the middle). Once you are inside, the workstation closes again. A preset coffee maker can provide your regular dose of coffee.

The Coffee Office Workstation is a Brazilian design concept. With a laptop counter, touch sensitive screen and Wi-Fi, your office can begin just at a click of the mouse.

Paramount foldaway home office

This is another portable office providing you with generous space. The fold away cupboard shaped office area is simple and impressive.

The clean finish, lock protected sections, desks, shelves, LED lights and electric outlets make this an apt workstation.

Trunk Station

The Trunk Station is an attractive mini office area, providing a suitable space to work even in your bed room. The area is sufficient to use a computer, store files/folders and other useful items.

The foldable trunk station can segregate most of your office requirements and provide practical solution to your needs. Besides, you can roll it away when done with your day’s work to relieve you of the space.

Mayfair Steamer Trunk

The Mayfair Steamer Trunk has been crafted by a London furniture maker (Timothy Oulton). This steamer trunk is designed to serve your workstation with a generous space area.

It has a simple look, a pull-down desktop, bookshelves and several drawers. With complete portability, the design can aptly suit your work needs.


This home office is a Japanese designer’s creation. Named MyFab, this workstation can provide you the able modernization tools. The design has been made considering space optimization minimalism.

At US$ 1800, MyFab may seem a bit expensive but can serve an interesting business model.


The I-trunk can serve an impressive home office and enable effective space management. With ample space to accommodate your tit bits like pens and files, the I-trunk contains a 21 inches Apple iMac along with a Canon printer.

Equipped with a transformer kit, the I-trunk can be a convenient workstation delivering more than just a desk.

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