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An elite home theater system with an afordable price

pioneer iTCG4 15676

pioneer iTCG4 15676

Pioneer’s HTS-LX70 is grabbing the attention of all the movies buffs that like quality sound to soothe their ears. This 5.1 home theater system adds excitement that was missing from the lounge room where there was everything aside from a good system. Although the system comes at a price of $1,800, any person with a craving for the best quality will not mind spending the amount to grab hold of this one. This system is definitely for the ones with space constraints and those who are not happy with an out-of-the-box home theater system. Featuring Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-96/24, the home theater comes with DTS-ES Decoders and thirteen surround modes which are are built into the receiver. The touch screen remote allows complete control of the system, all you need to do is touch and the system comes to life creating concerto right in your living room. Next time you are on the edge of your seat with your pulse racing as you hear the bullet being fired, blame it on the system.

Source: UberReview

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