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cafelab for small spaces 5

An ideal all-in-one product from CAFElab for confined spaces

cafelab for small spaces 5

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Open spaces which were at one time easily available are today a rarity, with constricted and confined spaces becoming the norm. And this has resulted in architects and interior designers getting more and more creative by the day. One such innovative effort has been made by CAFElab which is known for its multidisciplinary and wholesome approach towards integrating architecture and lighting ideas with the living spaces available today. In their latest design CAFElab has attempted an all-in-one system that can convert into an item of interest at that particular time by minor swinging and sliding of their architectural innovation.

This mobile and compact designer innovation is a piece of art that has been developed after a lot of brain-storming by its designers. It has incorporated within its design almost all of the daily needs of a family and which usually occupy space more than is available. The designers have therefore modulated into the design of their product, space for mounting a TV with space additionally available by the side being used for conversion into a dining area and workstation with an overhead lamp as and when required. Furthermore this unit also has space for keeping books and other utilities.

Designed simplistically and with occupying minimal space this product resembles a puzzle with newer and newer alternatives opening up with each sliding and swing motion of its components/doors. The retracting diversified functions of this wall unit therefore make it possible to use it for different purposes at different times – with the end result being a product that helps on saving space by form following function.

Via: CAFElab

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