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Apple tree: An innovative set-up for your bedroom



The Designer/Manufacturer: Russian artist Katya Labinskaya


Apple tree is a cute looking set-up inspired from an apple. Just about everyone will dig the bright tint of green apples used here. The furniture is great for a bedroom, especially if the apartment is compact. The simple yet striking set up will be loved by students and young professionals, who are on the move and do not have a permanent abode yet. The equipment will also look good in the lounging area of your home. It is an excellent addition to your guest bedroom, especially since the mattresses can be joined together and also kept apart as separate units. The gear comprises of two mattresses, two pillows, a coffee table cart, wooden base and a meter stick while the soft toy shaped like an apple is like cherry on the cake and adds to the beauty of the set-up.

What’s unique?

Using the same gear, you can arrange the room in four different ways. This is quite innovative and helps to give a fresh look to your interiors. The meter stick is foldable and can be assembled in four different ways. Tuck it behind the bed if you do not want to clutter the place with too much stuff. Otherwise, you can fold it into a hexagon or an M shape. The most cute arrangement is when the stick is propped up in shape of a tree with branches jutting out. In this assembly an apple can also be hung from one of the branches. Quite endearing, what say? Also, the beds can be either placed together or separated by keeping a coffee table cart in between them.

High Points

The set up is really well thought and can be used in a number of homes. Adults can use it as a workplace while children can study there. The coffee table placed near the bed serves as a board on which you can place your books, coffee mugs, laptop or any other paraphernalia you are working with. This inventive furnishing gear can be used for studying, lazing around, watching TV, taking a nap or lounging with friends.

Via: MD design

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