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Assaf Designer Lamp shines through wood

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asaf2 bAUwr 3858

Designer: Asaf Weinbroom from Israel.

Features: Who would think of wood as something to design a lamp around? The problems seem rather obvious, don’t they? And yet we know wood can deliver elegance that most other materials simply cannot. Asaf Weinbroom’s ‘Asaaf Designer Lamp’ bears a stamp of class all over its movable body. A wooden lathe has enabled this inspired designer to shape a lamp consisting of two movable parts: base and main body. An LED light has been made use of to prevent any heating and consequent damage to the wooden body. Tin alloy in the base is responsible for conducting low voltage electric current.

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What’s Working: Take one look at the Assaf Designer Lamp and you cannot remain unimpressed with the creativity behind. Neither can you remain untouched by the gorgeousness of the device.

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Source: Designboom

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