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BenQ’s new LCD monitors: A treat for your eyes

tv 2

tv 2

BenQ, a leading manufacturer of digital displays, has taken a step closer to technological precision by launching a 22″ LCD Monitor TV SE2231/SE2241. What highlights it above others are its remarkable picture quality and a deeper, richer color contrast.

Its HD LCD TV screen offers twice the picture details than its counterparts. Presence of 1080p 24Hz signal and exclusive Senseye technology ensures good picture quality. Its Auto Contrast Enhancement (ACE) feature can easily fine tune contrast percentage by controlling the back light level, thus increasing picture sharpness. For ultimate user satisfaction, it comes with High-definition Multi-media Interface that translates uncompressed signals to highest quality output. With a resolution of 1920X1080, it’s a perfect digital display for your office and home too. So, users may view work documents with the same efficiency as their favorite digital programs.

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Via: BenQ/Hi-tech Review

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