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Green home: Blink switches off appliances when not in use

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Carelessness on our part often leads to many excesses that adversely affects the environment. We often forget to switch off the lights at our homes and other appliances before leaving the room thereby leading to unnecessary wastage of energy. Sarah Schaible is here with a solution to the problem. Blink, by adding a photocell-controlled switch to any ordinary electrical outlet, disables the devices plugged into it.

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What’s different? Featuring an infrared photocell, which reacts to natural sunlight only, a flexible neck to aim the photocell towards natural light sources and a blinking eyelid to fine tune or deactivate the light sensing function, this simple green device turns off televisions or sound systems left on throughout the night, turns on security or night-lights during dark hours or turns off electric heaters or fans in the morning. Reduction in energy consumption with just a small device, that too without any extra efforts is certainly not run of the mill, is it?

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