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Bodyfilk: the watersaving wonder

bodyfilkIt seems the scientists all over the world are actually going serious about the water conservation. Every now and then, we keep coming across some kind of a water saving device. Not just this, even electrical appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are being designed in a way that they use water as judiciously as possible.

However, till now there was nothing that could reduce the water consumption during bath or could conserve some water during bathing. However, here is a new product called Bodyfilk, a handy tool that is to be used just before you step out of the shower and use that towel.

Once you rub this over your body, it will send 75% of the water back down the drain, to be recycled and used another day. Not just this, with Bodyfilk on guard your towels will get less dirty and last longer. These are priced £4.95 at Bodyfilk.

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