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Boffi Kitchen Unit is a smart and ergonomic concept

Boffi Kitchen Unit

Boffi Kitchen Unit

Everything is getting a touch of modernism and the new age technology is fast spreading. Hi-tech features have not only made products pleasing but have also made lives effortless. Kitchen is one of the most important parts of a dwelling and can’t be ignored at any cost. Giving this part an all new meaning is designer Esin Yilmazbilek with the Boffi Kitchen Unit Concept.

Boffi is an ingenious concept which will come injected with all the traits offered by an everyday kitchen. The plain looking unit will endow a user with the flexibility to use it for preparing meals, storing items, heating food as well as washing dishes. Everything can be done using this single unit, which is quite commendable and worth applauding. Boffi Kitchen Unit Concept offers a touch screen menu, which will allow you to choose from various options and make good use of the unit. One can change the functions as per their needs that too without much effort and sans any complications.

The unit has been wedged with fridges that have been placed horizontally as against their typical vertical presence. Different parts can be used to store different kinds of food items. This will allow the user to store items at various temperatures and also avoid mixing of various food odors. So, store cooked/uncooked vegetables, meat and drinks in different parts and keep them fresh for a long time. The horizontal placement makes sure that even children and adults can access the fridge with ease. The sink present on the unit has been wedged with a touch control tab. This will let you control the temperature, pressure and amount of water as per your whims and fancies. The touch panel is easy to use and will also help save precious water as it allows to adjust the amount and pressure of flowing water.

The top of the island will not only prove to be of great help while preparing food but can also be used as table while eating meals. The top has been fitted with smart heating panels, which make sure that only the area where the vessel/pot is kept gets heated and not the complete heating area. One can also select the exact cooking time required to prepare a dish and the panel will remember that and robotically work accordingly. Apart from this, the panel can also be used to copy recipes and exchange cooking information with others who own the same product. The same panel can also be used to leave/make notes and also compile a shopping list when required.

The best part about Boffi Kitchen Unit Concept being that it will allow users to grow their own personal garden. Urban spaces have forced people to delete kitchen gardens out if their lives and Boffi will reintroduce the whole concept of growing vegetables at home. It will also convert kitchen waste into compost that will aid the growth of fruits and vegetables. The awe-amazing kitchen unit is an ergonomic concept that will prove to be a smart addition in your lives.

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