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Bonsai Modular Coffee Table is functionally smart

bonsai modular table5

bonsai modular table5

The “Bonsai Modular Table” by Sabastiano Ercoli is the latest design of Bonsai’s that you would love to see in your living room for miscellaneous good reasons. It’s a unique coffee table with the top surface that comprises of three removable pieces/lids/covers that with the pot size depressions hidden beneath. It’s one cool piece of home décor with the storage space below to let you place your newspapers/magazines. If you like you can plant a bonsai on the table and cover the rest of the empty pot holes with the lids and place other items on the smooth surface left. Functionally smart piece of furniture for modern homes!

bonsai modular table

bonsai modular table1

bonsai modular table13

bonsai modular table4

bonsai modular table6

bonsai modular table7

bonsai modular table8

bonsai modular table11

bonsai modular table12

bonsai modular table123

bonsai modular table14

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