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Breakfast areas let you wake up in style

Even though most homes don’t really have a dedicated breakfast areas most families have a favorite spot where everyone gathers in the morning to catch up and share the first meal of the day. Most homes simply use the kitchen table, the kitchen counter or even the dining table to have breakfast though creating a simple yet functional breakfast area can provide a family with a great space to start the day.


Ideally, a cozy yet dedicated breakfast area should be close to the kitchen though away from the main dining area of the house to avoid the temptation to have breakfast in the larger space. Pick a less used spot to ensure that you don’t have to take the space away from another functional area and use spots that are neglected to create an intimate spot for the family to spend the morning. Spaces like the unused spots under staircases, window bays and even cozy corners near large windows can be converted into amazingly comfy spot to have breakfast in the morning.

You don’t really have to spend a lot of money on purchasing furniture for your breakfast area and you should reuse old dining chairs and seat and refreshed workbenches can be used to make the space comfortable. To ensure that the spot wakes everyone up perfectly, keep your breakfast area close to a large window, floor to ceiling window or even on a balcony to get a great start in the day.

You don’t really need to put up any additional lighting in your breakfast area so you should play the space up with flowers, fruit baskets and even pleasant cereal boxes, juice cartons and even condiments. To make the space look designer, you can create a feature wall with family photos or a motivational painting or just a big poster with your favorite icon.

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