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Bring your garden inside your home

garden chair 1 original

garden chair 1 original
How many of us can afford to have a lush green garden in the concrete jungles that most of us live in? In some cases, even a terrace garden is a far fetched idea. Here is a solution. A chair that’ll bring your garden inside your home. You can rest your back lazily like you do in a garden chair, put your feet on the grass. This chair consists of a bent steel pipe frame which is painted black and lacquered. The grass can be grown on the footrest with the usual care. The footrest is made of a fiberglass tray. The seat is a woven one, that uses natural fiber rope and has sufficient space to let sunlight reach the grass.
The dimensions of this chair are L 152 x W 480 x H 960 cm.
garden chair 3 original

garden chair original

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