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Cellar: Underground cooling unit!

cellar 01

cellar 01

Cellar by Chinese designers Wenmin Liu, Jingchang Chen, Lei Zhang, Qingxiang Ou, Rui Qi, Lu Song, Peng Zhou, Xiaoyan Deng, Haifeng Liu, Longfei Li, Ge Liu, Beilei Mao is a smart icebox hidden under the floor of your room for the reason that floor always hold a lower temperature than the surrounding. Does that mean you don’t need extra room for storing, preserving the eatables? Well, yes! Endowed with smart features to help you in refrigeration, keeping fresh and heating; this smart underground cooling system gels so well with your contemporary home décor that you would feel proud to show it off to your trendy goodies. If you wanna take something out, you unclose the side door of the box and put in/out things, or just use this box as a table placing your tea-cup. The choice is yours!

cellar 02

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