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Ceramic Table Lamps: 10 Most Beautiful

The Ceramic Table Lamps are simple but nevertheless they look stunning when placed alongside complimentary surroundings. They help in decorating the room in a lively and glorified manner without any need of renovation. Just one table lamp adds to the beauty of the room effectively providing a luxurious ambiance which creates a calm and soothing environment. Read on to know more about Ceramic Table Lamps of different outline, design, texture, touch, idea and color. The given Ceramic Table Lamps satisfy your need and fashion in a desirable manner.

1. Black Croc Table Lamp
BRAND : Crestview
PRICE : USD 164.9

This lamp spruces up the dullest of rooms and adds style to the room by its glistening effect. It creates a beautiful ambiance which gives a class to your room. Its exclusive romantic color gives a catchy look to the viewer. The reflection of bulb coming from wine shade gives a splendid radiant look which is incomparable when you want to create a romantic atmosphere. It comes in Black PVC hardback having dimensions (14″ W x 13″ H) and height: 34″and width: 14″ giving the lamp the right height for reading along with creating a pleasant glow in the room. It weighs 17 lbs.


This wine colored lamp creates a subtle lighting effect by limiting the light output which is perfect for making a romantic ambiance

It comes with beautiful base having 3 balls like structures and below a silver base
It has dark non-translucent shade

2. Stein World Metallic Drip Glaze Ceramic Table Lamp 95651
BRAND : Stein World

This Stein World Drip Glaze Ceramic Table Lamp is topped with a concave shade, which carries golden brown color and its light decorates your home exquisitely and easily making up for the mood you desire. This light color shade is translucent which allows high light output which compliments any furniture piece or any interior décor. It contains timeless features which can’t be matched with any furniture item.


Shaped and painted for artistic lighting, its neutral shade of golden brown color is very soothing to the eyes

Its ceramic and steel construction ensure its toughness and make it care free to use
Its metallic drip glaze gives a dazzling effect.

3. Lite Source LS-21019G/BLK Paki Contemporary Table Lamp
BRAND : Lite Source

There are many traditional ceramic lamps available, but in today`s era giving a modern style touch to that makes it apart which this table lamp gives you as it comes with sculpted elegance and its polka-dotted texture shimmers the room when it is made to use. It is constructed of a ceramic base with gunmetal accents and has a delightful printed fabric shade which draws attention. It has cutting-edge elegant curves which provide it great looks and charm. This Paki Table Lamp shade measures 10″H x 10.75″W.


Its glossy features and polka-dotted texture have sculpted elegance which decorates your interior effortlessly

Its three ring frame design makes it unique and unexampled
It has an elegant shade and a strong base

4. 26” Ceramic Table Lamp – Burgundy Case Pack 2

This nontraditional color of table lamp gives an authentic touch to the ambiance of your room making it look unique. The Ceramic Table Lamp in burgundy color is a perfect choice if you are looking for a unique color lamp. Its burgundy color with golden accent give a decorative element to any room or area in specific. This ceramic table lamp is topped with burgundy linen shade and has an excellent finishing. Its golden base acts as an add on to it making it look all the more radiant.


This dark non-translucent lampshade of burgundy color with golden lining at the bottom creates a pleasant glow in the room

It has a nontraditional color, burgundy
Its color makes it incomparably the first choice especially for females

5. Stein World Textured Silver Ceramic Table Lamp
BRAND : Stein World

It is capped with a smooth faux silk and comes in a contrasting tone of black shade which gives a pleasing glow to your room. It includes a 3 way light switch for low, medium and bright light levels. It is small in stature and is portable so can be moved about when you need to rearrange the furniture. It provides light at the right height for reading handicrafts or simply when you require it for additional room lighting. This ceramic lamp is one of the finest hand-painted products from around the world which gives your room a very fine touch.


This lamp has mirror like silver finish polishing upon which links and ropes are engraved which look classy

Its smooth faux silk body contrasts so well with its black shade

6. Fascinator Table Lamp, 30″H X 12″W, Hammered Ore
BRAND : Hammered Ore

This Fascinator Table Lamp is inspired by a Nevada mine with walls of mud and wine bottles, made from fabrics, stained glass, or regular glass which have beautiful decorating effects. This table lamp can be placed near a sofa table or bedroom to give a glinting appearance to the area. Brighten your home today by having this ceramic lamp as part of your interior. It has dimensions of 30″H X 12″W.


It is inspired by a Nevada mine with walls of mud and wine bottles which create a sweet aroma

It has Low VOC finish
It comes with recycled steel and glass

7. Robert Abbey Sabrina Table Lamp
BRAND : Robert Abbey

This white fabric shade is translucent and allows high light output filling the room with its beautiful colors. It is embedded with a delightful spiral of flowers which add beauty to this ceramic lamp. It has a clean lily white glazed ceramic finish. The Sabrina adorns your space with elegant allure. This lamp will add a sophisticated demure to almost any room. The interior lighting of this casa is a basic requirement to a comfortable life. Placing this Sabrina in your room will adorn your space beautifully.


This lamp has beautiful swirled floral accents and the lily glazed finish compliments with white mont blanc parchment shade which sets a romantic mood

Also available in blue, mint tint, pink parfait and hint o’ blue shades
The interior lighting of this casa is a basic requirement to a comfortable life

8. Blue Floral and Fish Ceramic Table Lamp Transco
BRAND : Transco

Any table lamp having a texture which can be complemented with our thoughts is very appealing. You can find this characteristic in Blue Floral and Fish Ceramic Table Lamp Transco which appears like fish floating in water. Its curvy pattern gives the feeling of the consecutive waves going up and down in the sea. It has on it gleaming chrome finish which gives it an awesome appearance and bestows this table lamp with great looks. Its golden base along with blue white color gives it an elegant and rich look.


This lamp has on it brushed aluminum texture and Olive Floral Shades which gives it ravishing looks and appears as if fish is floating in wavy pattern giving it an adorable appearance

Its finishing has admirable looks which when placed in any room look very charming

9. Airy Red Lamp
BRAND : Luz Difusion

This Airy Red Lamp has ceramic circles and gradual curves which give it a light and airy look. This contemporary lamp is wonderfully versatile. The shade hanging over it is made of poly linen which gives it a modish appearance. This silky red table lamp features a lustrous gold pattern and a dazzling display of hidden interior lights of red color. The gaps provided in its base makes it easy to carry or transfer from one place to another. It completely makes up for the romantic mood you need in your room as it reflect lustrous red light in abundance in the room.


The silky red table lamp with airy look features has lustrous gold pattern which sets a perfect romantic mood with its golden red light

The gaps provided in its base makes it easy to carry or transfer from one place to another
It has versatile modish looks

10. Lite Source LS-21506ORN Reiko Kids Table Lamp
BRAND : Lite source

There are vast ceramic lamps available for kids but this appealing Reiko Kids Table Lamp is purely stunning which creates a calm environment. This lamp is designed for kids’ studies and other activities. It has simple looks with red base and off-white fabric shade over it, which is translucent and allows high light output as required by kids for their day or night studies and other activities. It doesn’t have that glossy and shiny features but has an off-white shade so that kids can get radiant light in abundance. But still it adds to the beauty of the room even with its simple texture.


It is a beautiful décor item and also fulfills the requirement of kids as its off-white fabric shade helps in radiating more light for their activities

It adds to the beauty of the room even with its simple texture

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