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Cervasse: The Modern Sink

crevasse 11536

crevasse 11536
We all know that Kohler is the word when it comes to sinks and faucets. Well, this time it is a unique and exquisite Cervasse Prep Sink which is for bait. Designer Anne Kitzmiller has crafted a wonderful gizmo. I would hate calling it just a sink, because it is more than that. A prep sink is actually a utility device. The sink is not simply a sink, a kitchen working surface is also attached to it. This Prep Sink is obviously not as simple as it sounds. It is a gadget metamorphosized into a kitchen sink. Made of electronic interface, this one actually understands your commands with a touch of a button. Yes, you read that right. Press that button and you have your rinsing and disposing down, the sink does it for you.

Well, not quite that easily I may add. The button is a special one. Using Active Touch technology, the sink can differentiate between human and non-human touch. So you need not fret about your pans and pots commanding the sink for you. Just push the button, and a stream of water would gush down and the garbage would be disposed off nicely. Well, there is obviously a catch here. You might wonder about the signals it ought to give while performing these tasks. Do not worry, the short rinse cycle is understood through a constant glowing blue light and the following garbage disposal cycle is understood through a flashing blue light.

Well, this one is sure one in a million and I just hope that modern sinks turn more and more creative, thereby making the inhabitants lazy. So, how well this one would score over the humble sink would largely depend upon the moolah it is tagged with. Let us hope that the price is not as extra-ordinary as the features!.
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Source: Yanko Design

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