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Domb Architects remodel building into contemporary CH House

More challenging than building a modern and stylish home from scratch is to remodel an old, existing building into a contemporary home! That is the challenge that Domb Architects has successfully quelled to raise the beautiful CH House in Tel Aviv, Israel. A lot of Israel’s social life happens outdoors and the CH House seems perfect for this.

Renovating the old house without destroying the existing infrastructure posed several difficulties. A lot of the old floors and all of the old columns had to be hid, the frame of the house had to be aligned, a peaceful environment had to be created in the garden that is surrounded by streets, low ceilings had to be dealt with and the living space had to be given an intimate touch.

The designers went about their job diligently. Using strong architectural language, innovative lighting and hidden air-conditioning solved the problems of old columns and low ceilings. A heavy beam was used to shade the doorways and seating areas outside the home. Along with the serene ‘reflecting’ pool in front of the home, this brought a relaxing mood and a separating ‘white noise’ from the outside street. 

An open floor plan was used to give the home its expansive appearance on the lower floor. At the center is a transparent staircase which is marvelous, acting as a connection between the different spaces. The living room, family room, special library and kitchen are all on the lower level. Large glass windows add to the spaciousness of the home

The upper level has a spacious suite, a lovely balcony overlooking the garden, a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom. The basement includes playing space, fitness room, guest suite and an intimate office. On the whole, the home has been spruced up by at least 3 decades and stands testimony to excellence in human creativity and design. 

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