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Chuck Anderson reinvents Turnstone’s Campfire Paper Table

Chuck Anderson, the brains and inspiration behind the noted art & design studio NoPattern, is known for creating flamboyant artwork that celebrate explosive movement and all the colors under the sun. Turnstone, on the other hand, is famed for creating unique and functional pieces that can turn even the most industrial and mundane looking space into a mini Neverland for grown-ups. So one can only imagine our excitement when we learned that Turnstone had commissioned Chuck Anderson to design a special edition of his famed artwork for their award winning Campfire Paper Table.


The table comes with a round rotating top and a wood grain base though it is the glass/paper surface of its top that makes it truly remarkable. The surface is designed to be written or doodled on using pens or markers which makes it ideal for intimate brainstorming sessions or impromptu sketching. After a user is done sketching or doodling, they can simply peel the paper top and take it with them. Anderson’s version of the Paper Table comes with a rainbow-hued abstract artwork adorned top that makes the occasional table a stunning statement piece perfect for modernist decor.

The limited edition table is offered in two forms- the regular paper form where Anderson’s artwork reproduced on paper is secured underneath a glass table top or a wall-mounting version where the artwork is printed over the glass top using technology from Fracture. Even though it would have been way cooler if the artist left a few spaces blank on the artwork to be filled in by folks who miss paint by numbers, the table is still quite stunning on its own. The Chuck Anderson Art/Paper Reproduction Paper Table retails for $579 though it is currently on sale and can be bought for just $492.

Via: Design Milk

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