Computer Board Table is something any geek would love to own

circuit board table1

Who says, computers have to be given to a company with big machines in order to recycle it. You can do it at home too, at least that is what a guy called dmaloney at The News is Broken proves by creating a computer/circuit board table from old Intergraph 6000 series computer. The entire table is basically made of two tables, one is on the inside, holding the computer boards and the other is on the outside, the surface. In addition to having two tables, the computer board table integrates boards/drives from old Intergraph 6000 series machine, Intergraph 6880 with Edge II graphics. Utilizing computer parts in making a table was actually a way of immortalizing the old computer, which the designer considered a mentor, learning computer modeling, rendering and animation on it. The table also integrates old 2800 baud modem parts and some other parts collected over the years. The table has also been decked with LEDs on the perimeter, wired in such a way that all the LEDs light up automatically, as soon as it gets dark.

circuit board table2

circuit board table3

Via: Gizmodo/Makezine